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The Budget Office is responsible for developing and updating the College's State Operations, Income Fund Reimbursable, and Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable budgets. In addition, the Budget Office provides efficient and effective managerial information, guidance and review regarding the allocation and use of the College's resources; performs an ongoing analysis of the College's financial standing through examination of the College's expenditure patterns, revenue estimates, and personal service requirements; grants' approval for all fund transfers; and works closely with Income Fund Reimbursable project managers in the development of their budgets and monitoring operations throughout the year.

» New State Account Application

» New IFR Account Application

» Reassignment of Allocation (password protected)

The SUNY Accounting Inquiry System provides for the viewing of account data online.

» IFR Account FAQs [pdf]

» State Accounts Terminology [pdf]

» Object Code Classifications [pdf]


SUNY Accounting Inquiry System Access

The SUNY accounting system can be accessed via the Internet to query your accounts. Queries include budget summaries, IFR cash summaries, and transaction listings. Within an account you can "drill down" from summary amounts to lists of transactions that make up an amount.

To use the SUNY Management Resource Tool (SMRT), the following are required:

  • User access must be established first with the Accounting Office
  • Access is available where there is Internet access

SMRT Access and Processing Procedures

The Account Activity Quick View is now available for you to use through the Web Portal application.

This will allow you to track certain key accounts for quick access to the account balance screen in SMRT without having to go into the system for up-to-date account balance information. Accounts can be easily added to or deleted from the list and balances will show for both current and lapsed fiscal years.

By clicking on the account link you can enter the SMRT application directly showing the account balance screen for the account chosen.

SUNY Portal Web Page

  • From the SUNY home page - WWW.SUNY.EDU  we have access to the SUNY Employees Web Portal.
  • This will be the main Web page to access applications that are being developed through the 5-year initiative.
  • Click on the Employee Services link to gain access to the Campus login screen.

Login Instructions

  • Select your campus from the drop down field at the top right of the screen and press login.
  • Enter your user id and password and press the login button.
    • USER ID = LAN ID = campus email ID
    • Password = campus email password
  • Under the area of Finance and Business you will find the link to the SMRT application. Press to execute SMRT.

Main Menu
The main menu of the SMRT application is broken up into 3 areas (panels):

  • Navigation: This will help you navigate through the application allowing you to change from screen to screen, print, or export your reports.

    Initial choices:

    • Management Reports: This link will bring you to the management reporting screen.
    • Main Menu: This will return you to your main menu screen.
  • Criteria: This is where you will select the criteria and account(s) you want to report on.

    Initial choices:

    • Fiscal Year
    • Year/Month: This is used for month end reporting. The Month End report must also be chosen as a report choice to use this feature.
    • Account number: An individual account number may be entered here.
    • Account by Name: This drop down list of accounts is in name order.
    • Account by Number: This drop down list of accounts is in number order
    • Fund: This drop down list contains the funds that are available (State Purpose, Dorm, IFR).
    • Object view: This list shows the object views assigned to the user. This will only show if two or more views are assigned to a user.
    • Pending flag: This is used to exclude or include only pending information.
    • Non-SUNY flag: This is used to exclude or include only SUNY account information.
    • Report choices are:
      • Account Balance
      • Month End
      • Open POs
      • Payroll Summary
      • Transaction Detail
      • Transaction Criteria
  • Account Structure: This feature reflects the organization as it is defined on this campus. The view of the campus structure is user defined and can be different from user to user. This will help the user look at groups of accounts for reporting purposes.

Main Menu Operation
  • Select a choice from the Account Structure panel. This will update the account by name and account by number fields in the criteria panel with the accounts assigned to this account group.
  • Choose the appropriate information from the criteria panel and press the submit button. You will then be transferred to the appropriate report screen for viewing, printing, or exporting your data.
  • Error messages: They will display in red at the top of the criteria panel and will remain until you select new criteria and submit.
  • The navigation area now displays available reports for this account along with an option for printing, and exporting data to MS Excel. You can also quickly change to the account balance screen for an individual account by entering the appropriate data in the account and fiscal year fields and press Go.
  • Printing by pressing the print link in the navigation area of your report panel will allow the report to be transferred to a PDF file and displayed for printing in your browser via the Adobe application. If your machine is not installed with adobe you can download a free version by going to www.adobe.com and following the appropriate instructions. To return to the SMRT application from Adobe you must press the back button.
  • Exporting to MS Excel: In order to use this link, your machine must have Microsoft Excel available as an installed application. To return to the SMRT application from Excel you must press the back button.
  • The Transaction Criteria report adds an additional screen after the main menu which allows you to choose a sub object range, date range, or individual transaction code. After this screen is submitted, your account data will display as a transaction detail report.

Multiple Account reporting

While on the main menu, instead of choosing an individual account, you can choose 2, 3, or all accounts that are available within the organizational structure you are currently working with. This can also, depending on the funds you choose, show an all funds report which is what is used as the default when running multiple report accounting. You choose all accounts by clicking on the "All accounts below" choice within the accounts by name or "accounts by number" list boxes, or choose 2 or more accounts within these list boxes by clicking on each account number while holding down the ctrl key on your keyboard.

The Account Balance report initially shows totals for all accounts chosen on a single page, sort of an all funds view. If you would like to see the same report for one of the individual accounts making up the group totals, at the bottom of the Account Balance report there is a list box of the multiple accounts chosen. It will initially say summary, but by clicking on the arrow to its right you can expand the list and choose the account you would like to see. Then press the go button to see the individual report. You can also step through the list by pressing the next link at the bottom. This will bring you to the next account on the list.

Open PO's and Payroll Summary for Multiple Accounts Option

When choosing either of these reports when viewing multiple accounts, you will see the above screen format which will provide a list of accounts and their associated amounts. To see the activity for each account, you can click on the amount field where you will see the appropriate report format with the individual account detail.

Management Summary Reporting

This looks a lot like the account main menu with a few differences. The organizational tree on the right works primarily the same way. It selects the accounts you will work with by their organization structure, which is reported on the criteria panel next to the line account group. You can now choose a fiscal year, all funds, or a combination thereof, plus an object group or line or combination thereof. There are 3 management reports to choose from and they can be printed or exported to excel.


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