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Since 1996, SUNY Canton, through its criminal justice curriculum, and in conjunction with the David Sullivan-St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy, has offered the New York State Basic Course for Police Officers to those men and women who have chosen law enforcement as a career. Our mission is to prepare law enforcement practitioners so that they may provide exemplary service to their agencies and communities.

We offer both full-time and refresher courses in Basic Police Training that is accredited by the New York State Bureau for Municipal Police. Those who complete this training receive a Basic Course for Police Officers Certificate. Since 2004, we are currently one of ten academies throughout New York State that have been approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety to offer the Pre-Employment for Basic Police Training.

The academy is split into two components. The use of a two phase program was necessary to remain in compliance with provisions of the Penal Law of the State of New York that restrict the possession of weapons, specifically, handguns and police impact weapons and to exclude units not appropriate for civilians. Sworn officers complete both Phase 1 and Phase 2. College interns complete Phase 1. The academy starts in January and ends in either April or June of each year, depending on the sworn status of the cadet.

This first phase includes the vast majority of the instructional material in the Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO) to include Pepper Spray, EVOC (emergency vehicle operation course), DWI/SFST (driving while intoxicated – standard field sobriety tests), Defensive Tactics and many more police related training. Since interns are attending the academy prior to employment, they do not receive a state certificate for completion of Phase 1 (only hired police officers do). The pre-employment student instead receives a stamped college transcript verifying the completion of the Pre-Employment Basic Police Academy.

The remaining units of the BCPO (Phase Two) are presented to sworn police officers after appointment and may not be presented to civilians pursuant to Title 9 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York Part 6020 (9 NYCRR 6020). Phase Two units include; Counter-Terrorism for Recruit Police Officers, Firearms Training, Supervised Field Training Review and Orientation, Interpersonal Skills/Arrest Techniques use of actual impact devices, as well as two stand-alone courses called Breath Analysis Operator Course and Radar/Lidar Operator Course. This training is completed during May. Phase 2 officers then do their Field Training (F.T.O.) in June and July with Phase 2 typically ending in the last week of July.


Completed applications must be submitted to the director of the police academy by October 1 of each year. Applications can be found at the police academy website: www.canton.edu/academy.

Completed applications can either be delivered to the police academy office in Dana Hall, SUNY Canton OR the SUNY Canton University Police Department, Dana Hall, SUNY Canton, ATTN Director Brown. Completed applications can also be mailed to David Sullivan-St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy, SUNY Canton, 34 Cornell Drive, Canton, NY 13617, ATTN Director Brown. Regardless of the method of delivery, all applications must be received prior to October 1.

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