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Residential Meal Plans

As a residential campus, the College requires that all students living in a residence hall participate in a meal plan. College Association's Dining Services offers multiple meal plan options. All of the residential meal plans include campus cash and can be spent at all dining locations, the Campus Center Store, the Textbook Center, and vending machines. All funds that come with a meal plan are non-refundable.

Unlimited Meals Per Week plus $225 Campus Cash at $2,625 per semester

The Unlimited Plan is designed for those that usually enjoy 2 or 3 meals or snacks a day at Chaney Dining Center and have a tendency to stay on campus for the weekends. This plan is the most cost benefit option. Five Chaney guest passes are included.

14 Meal Plan Per Week plus $350 Campus Cash at $2,625 each semester

The 14 Meals per week is our most popular meal plan. Enjoy any 14 meals served per week at Chaney Dining Center. It is most often chosen by those who desire just lunch and dinner. Five Chaney Guest Passes are included.

10 Meals Per Week plus $525 Campus Cash at $2,625 each semester. Description

This meal plan is designed for those who generally go home on weekends or live off-campus. Dine with any 10 meals offered per week at Chaney Dining Center. Typically, people who choose this plan dine twice a day, 5 days a week. You also receive 5 Chaney Guest Passes.

Kennedy Hall Meal Plan

7 Meals Per Week plus $600.00 Campus Cash at $2,000.00 each semester or select from any of the above residential plans.

This meal plan is designed exclusively for Kennedy Hall Suites Residents, or students may choose any of the residential plans.


Commuter Meal Plan

5 Meals Per Week at $675 per semester

A unique plan designed especially with commuters in mind. Choose from any of the 19 meals offered each week at Chaney Dining Center. Saves you money and no need to carry cash!

How to Purchase Your Meal Plan

Students can select their meal plan through the online survey on UCanWeb or at the One Hop Shop in Miller Campus Center. Residential students may submit meal plan changes throughout the first week of the semester, by filling out a form in the One Hop Shop. Commuter students have the option to select a meal plan at any time throughout the semester.

Questions regarding replacement cards, meal plans, or any changes may be directed to Bette Orologio in the One Hop Shop, or by calling 315-386-7624.

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