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Institutional Review Board

The Board exists to review research and assist all researchers using human subjects on our campus. This site provides all necessary information to conduct approved research at SUNY Canton.

Why is research review necessary?

In 1979, the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare enacted regulations to require that all research involving human subjects be reviewed to guarantee that subjects are protected from physical and emotional harm caused by research studies. Federal Regulation Code. In a document entitled "The Belmont Report", research studies conducted in the past were described that subjected research participants to both medically-induced harm, and also mental abuse. Good review procedures should prevent negative consequences for our research subjects.

What research needs to be reviewed by the IRB?

All research involving interaction or intervention with human subjects needs to be reviewed by the IRB. Student research projects are discussed in the IRB Application Manual; however, students cannot be lead researcher - their faculty advisor must serve as Principal Investigator. Certain projects are exempted from review by the nature of the study, and some will require full Board review. The Guidelines and Procedures section of the SUNY Canton IRB Application Manual will provide the definition for types of review.

All researchers need to be certified

SUNY Canton has a contract with CITI, who provides training for researchers. In order to submit an application for review to the IRB, a certificate of training completion from CITI must be included. Register for the CITI Course -- Here you will find our institution's name under the " All Others" pull-down menu.

Steps for Conducting a Research Project at SUNY Canton

  1. Read the SUNY Canton Application manual.
  2. Take the CITI training.
  3. Read the Guidelines for Submission of IRB Application Form
  4. Submit the IRB Application Form electronically to Michael O'Connor, Chair of the IRB, along with appropriate forms that detail your research (questionnaires, consent forms, certification).

SUNY Canton Forms

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IRB Chair
Michael O'Connor
SUNY Canton
MAC 422
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617