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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Faculty members using animals for either classroom or research purposes must submit protocols for IACUC approval. The IACUC reviews all teaching and research proposals that intend to involve animals, including projects that are supported by external funds.

The review process is to ensure that animals receive appropriate care and are not subjected to unnecessary hardship. The committee will also consider other concerns regarding the welfare of animals used at the institution.

Additionally, IACUC is responsible for inspecting animal health, housing facilities and related equipment and drugs. These inspections are completed to ensure that compliance with state and federal mandates is maintained.

Questions regarding the IACUC may be directed to the chairperson: Raeleen Willard, LVT, willardr@canton.edu, 386-7074.


Raeleen Willard, LVT
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617