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The purpose of this web site is to provide resources to the campus community who need to conduct assessment in their courses or departments. Below you will see links to important documents and web sites that can help you.


Semester-by-Semester Program Assessment Plans


The Academic Assessment Committee oversees the assessment processes of general education, program review, and the assessment of institutional, program, and course level student learning outcomes.

This committee consists of faculty and staff across disciplines:

  • Chair: Kirk Jones, Assistant Professor of Humanities
  • Co-chair: Molly Mott, Associate Provost/Dean Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies
  • Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jondavid DeLong, Dean, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Kenneth Erickson, Dean, School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice
  • Michael Newtown, Dean, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Jessica Spooner, Senior Assistant Librarian, Southworth Library
  • Cullen Haskins, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Patrick Casselman, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Tatsuhito Koya, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • David Button, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Jennifer Sovde, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Wil Rivers, GER Chair, School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice
  • David Barnes, School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice
  • Christine Thompson, School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice

If you are interested in serving on the Academic Assessment Committee, please contact your Dean for more information on how to get involved.

» Meeting Minutes


The following links provide resources for the areas of assessment at SUNY Canton: General Education Assessment (GER), a SUNY-wide initiative to ensure students meet general education standards that follow similar best practices, conducive to seamless transfer; Assessment in the Major, a SUNY-wide initiative that . . . ; Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO), our institutional outcomes which align with our mission statement, SUNY, and Middle States suggested best practices for accredited institutions in our region.


The Non-Academic Assessment Committee reviews the outcomes of the non-academic (non-credit bearing) areas of the College and the non-academic portions of the Student Opinion and the National Survey of Student Engagement Surveys. In addition, the Committee provides resources and training to the non-academic areas on using Taskstream and creating meaningful and measurable actions that will support the mission of the campus to help students achieve their highest potential.

This committee consists of professional staff across the campus community:

  • Chair: Johanna Lee, Director of Tutoring Services
  • Co-chair: Shawn Miller, Administrative Services
  • Secretary: Amanda Crump, Administrative Services
  • Kristin Roberts, Ambassador, Student Affairs
  • Theresa Minckler, Ambassador, Student Affairs
  • John Kennedy,  Ambassador Student Affairs
  • Megan Warren, Ambassador, Administrative Services
  • Sean Conklin, Ambassador, Administrative Services 
  • Patrick Massaro, Ambassador, Academic Support Services
  • Erin Lassial, Ambassador, Academic Support Services
  • Sue Law, Auxiliary Services
  • Kerrie Cooper, Financial Aid
  • Travis Smith, Public Relations
  • Anne Drake, Assistant Registrar
  • Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Research (standing member)
  • Kirk Jones, Chair of Academic Assessment Committee (standing member)

» Meeting Minutes 2017


» Our Institution’s Task Stream Video Tutorials

» TaskStream Training Guide

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