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A Roo Express account is designed with the commuting student, faculty or staff member in mind. You choose your opening balance, and add-on additional amounts as needed. It's your on-campus 'debit' card. It can be used at any food service location, the Campus Store, or vending machines. Roo Express is currently accepted at the following off campus merchants:

*Locations are subject to change

Food Locations

  • A-1 Oriental Kitchen - Canton
  • Arby's– Potsdam
  • Asian Buffet - Canton
  • Bagelry – Potsdam
  • Between the Buns - Potsdam
  • Burger King – Canton & Potsdam
  • Dairy Queen - Canton
  • Da Kitchen - Canton
  • Domino's– Canton & Potsdam
  • First Crush Wine Bar – Potsdam
  • The Hop - Potsdam
  • Hot Tamale – Canton & Potsdam
  • Jreck Subs - Canton & Potsdam
  • Little Italy - Potsdam
  • McDonald's – Canton & Potsdam
  • Natures Storehouse– Canton
  • Ponderosa – Potsdam
  • Scoopuccino's - Potsdam
  • Sergi's– Canton & Potsdam
  • Subway – Canton & Potsdam

Computers & Textbooks

  • The Computer Guys – Canton & Potsdam


  • IGA – Potsdam
  • Stewart's - Canton & Potsdam
  • Save A Lot - Potsdam


  • Computer Guys - Canton & Potsdam
  • Gamer Craze – Canton
  • Northern Music & Video – Potsdam

Sporting Goods

  • Rogue Fitness and Protein Bar - Potsdam
  • Wear on Earth - Potsdam

Drug Store

  • Kinney Drugs – Canton & Potsdam


Add money to your Roo Express Account by clicking the Manage My Roo Card link above or by coming to the College Association, Inc. Office, Rm 224, Miller Campus Center between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards carrying a credit card logo accepted. Simplify your credit card add-on's by clicking on the link above or by calling 315-386-7624....no need to come to the office!

Make checks payable to: College Association, Inc.

Mail to:

College Association
attn: Bette Orologio
Rm 224 Miller Campus Center
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Dr.
Canton, NY 13617

The Roo Express credit received with a meal plan is not refundable. We encourage you to add additional amounts to your Roo Express account for your convenience. Additional amounts (non-meal plan related) can be transferred from semester to semester and are available for refund at the end of the academic year or upon your withdrawal from college. However, balances under $10 will not be refunded.


College Association, Inc.
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617
Phone: 315-386-7623