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Kangaroo Head secondary logoA Roo Express account can be used at any food service location, the Campus Store, or vending machines. Roo Express is currently accepted at the following off campus merchants:

*Locations are subject to change

ROO Express is accepted off-campus at:

  • 3 Bears Gluten Free Bakery - Canton
  • A-1 Oriental Kitchen - Canton & Potsdam
  • Arby’s - Potsdam
  • Asian Buffet - Canton
  • Asian Buffet and Mongolian Grill - Potsdam
  • Burger King - Canton & Potsdam
  • Chilly Delight - Potsdam
  • Dunkin - Canton & Potsdam
  • eCampus (Textbooks)
  • Five Guys - Potsdam
  • Gamer Craze - Canton
  • Josie's Pizzeria II - Potsdam
  • Jreck Subs - Canton & Potsdam
  • Kinney Drugs - Canton & Potsdam
  • LaVignes IGA - Potsdam
  • Lee's Hawaiian Grill - Potsdam
  • Little Italy - Canton & Potsdam
  • McDonalds - Potsdam
  • Mama Lucia’s - Potsdam
  • Mountain Mart - Canton & Potsdam
  • Nature's Storehouse - Canton
  • St. Larry's Bar & Grill - Potsdam
  • Save A Lot - Canton & Potsdam
  • Sergi’s - Canton & Potsdam
  • Stewart's - Canton & Potsdam
  • Subway - Canton & Potsdam
  • The Bagelry/Park Bros– Canton & Potsdam

* Locations are subject to change.

* The following purchases are exempt from Roo Express use: - gas, alcohol, tobacco products, gift cards, and lottery tickets

* Campus Cash is not accepted by off campus businesses.

Add money to your Roo Express Account at Manage My Roo Card, on the mobile app "GET Mobile" or by stopping by the College Association Student Support office in Miller Campus Center 115 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted. Roo Express funds may be added instantly by debit or credit card at get.cbord.com/sunycanton. Guests may make deposits to your account, too.

Make checks payable to: College Association, Inc.

Mail to:

College Association
attn: Bette Orologio
One-Hop Shop, Miller Campus
Center 0012
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Dr.
Canton, NY 13617

We encourage you to add additional amounts to your Roo Express account for your convenience, additional amounts will be transferred from semester to semester and are available for refund at the end of the academic year or upon your withdrawal from college. However, balances under $10.00 will not be refunded. Please contact David Akins at 315-386-7624 to request a refund.

College Association, Inc.
Attn: David Akins
SUNY Canton
College Association Student Support
Miller Campus Center 115
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617