Students celebrate at Commencement

Special FAQs due to COVID-19

Plans and requirements are subject to change due to new/updated State, SUNY, and campus guidance/policies.

What about my cap and gown?

  • Graduates no longer need to order their cap and gown from a separate company. Cap and Gowns will be available for pick up starting April 25, 2022. Pick up location is across the hall from the Campus Store. 
  • If you do not come to campus for any reason, you may request to have your cap and gown mailed to you by emailing with the following information:
    • Name
    • Height
    • Shirt Size
    • Address
    • Call Back Number

What if I missed my Apply to Graduate/RSVP to Commencement deadline?

 Please fill out the late request to walk form.

What are the COVID Protocols for the Ceremony?

Masks will be available for unvaccinated individuals.

How many guest tickets will I receive?

Each graduate will receive 5 guest tickets. They can be picked up with your cap and gown at the campus book store or they will be mailed with your cap and gown if you are having it shipped to you. Please let the campus store know if you would like your tickets shipped with your cap and gown.