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Eligibility Requirements

Students graduating in August and December 2022, May 2023, or August 2023 (lacking only one course), who have not previously had their name listed in a SUNY Canton Commencement program and have not participated in an earlier SUNY Canton Commencement ceremony for each degree received, are eligible to participate. Students may petition their academic Dean for permission to participate in the current year’s commencement ceremony without meeting requirements by the May deadline. Outstanding credit requirements will be at the discretion of the Dean.

Please be aware that students are not permitted to have their names published in the commencement program in the same major within the past two years.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to check with their School Dean as early as possible in the Spring semester to ensure validation of all transfer credit.

Participating in the ceremony does not guarantee that graduation requirements have been completed. When final grades have been received at the end of the Spring semester, the Registrar, in consultation with the School Deans, will certify eligible graduates in accordance with the policies, rules, and regulations of the SUNY Board of Trustees.

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