CARE Team Referral

To refer a student complete the CARE Team Referral Form

The mission of the CARE Team is to provide support, care, and advocacy for students.

Who can make referrals?

Faculty, staff, family members, students, or any concerned person can refer a student to the CARE Team by filling out the referral form. Once completed, someone from the CARE Team will follow up as appropriate. This follow-up process may include the student, referring party and/or any other identified persons. Please note that we are limited in what information we may be able to share back after the referral is submitted due to privacy regulations.

What sorts of concerns can I use this referral form for?

  • Personal/intrapersonal issues
  • Mental health related concerns
  • Behavioral issues
  • Well-checks (non-emergency)
  • Any non-emergency issue where you believe outreach/support will assist a student

What happens after I make a referral?

Completing the referral form creates a referral to the CARE Team (and in some cases, just to specific members of the team).  The Team will then review the referral and determine the appropriate course of action; whether that is to provide wraparound supportive services, a referral to our conduct process, or assistance with navigating other campus resources. We encourage you submit referrals even for things that may not seem serious but have raised a concern for you, as this is the best way to ensure that we are able to provide holistic support when students need it most.  If you have further information or questions after you submit a report, please email for assistance.

Is all information confidential?

While we provide privacy, we cannot guarantee confidentiality. Case managers are mandated reporters, therefore any information provided that poses threat or harm to self and/or others must be reported to the appropriate persons, including the University Police Department. Beyond this, information within the team is confidential and protected by FERPA.


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