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SUNY Student Opinion Survey

The most recent Student Opinion Survey (SOS 2018) ranked the SUNY Canton Health and Wellness programs #2 among the 27 SUNY colleges and university centers and #1 among the 7 SUNY Tech sector colleges. We will continue to work hard to provide the best quality health care to our students.

Schedule a Program

Schedule a Program

Health education programming is provided for student groups, classes and as campus-wide events. Programs are tailored to each group and cover a variety of health topics.

To schedule a program contact: Farren Lobdell at: davisf@canton.edu.

  • Alcohol Prevention
  • Tobacco
  • Nutrition/Fitness
  • Sexual Health
  • Substance use
  • Stress
  • LGBTQ Sexual Health
  • Self-esteem
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Davis Health Center Overview

The Counseling Center also provides health education programming. List of Counseling Center programs.

Tobacco Cessation

Cessation Resources:

Tobacco Education Links

Tobacco-Restricted Campus Policy

In order to provide a healthy working and learning environment for the campus community, SUNY Canton became a Tobacco-Restricted Campus on January 1, 2014. Designated tobacco-use areas on campus were reduced and the campus plaza, parking lots and other areas declared tobacco-free.

Tobacco use is only allowed in the following areas:

  • Heritage, Smith, Rushton, and Mohawk Gazebos
  • Kennedy Hall Picnic Area

Tobacco use is no longer allowed in the following areas:

  • Wicks and Nevaldine Gazebos
  • College sidewalks, the campus plaza, building entrances and common areas, landscape areas, recreational areas, parking lots, and campus buildings on College property
  • Interior of all buildings located on the College property and vehicles owned or operated by SUNY Canton and personally owned and rented vehicles when used to transport SUNY Canton faculty, staff, or students on any college‐related business, academic, or student life activities.
  • Residence hall facilities; smoking or the carrying of lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes or any other form of smoking object is prohibited in all areas of the residence halls including hallways, bathrooms, lounges, laundry rooms, offices, and vestibules.
  • Within 50 feet of any building entrance or exit, including immediate vicinity of all windows and air intakes.
  • Covered walkways or building over hangs.

Designated Tobacco and Tobacco-Free Areas



Nutritional Resources

Recommended trackers:

  • Lose it! Whether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, all Lose It! members share one goal: lose the weight and keep it off.
  • My Fitness Pal Track your health from anywhere, anytime.

Information about incorporating healthy meals into your daily life:



A regular fitness routine is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can improve your mood, energy, sleep, weight and reduce your stress. The Fitness Center and Pool is available for student use at no charge or take a walk/jog on campus (campus walking routes) or in the community (village of canton walking routes).

Sexual Health

As a team of health care professionals, the Davis Health Center is dedicated to providing culturally competent medical care, educational programs and student advocacy which will enhance a student's wellbeing and empower them to become a well-informed consumer of health care during their lifetime.

Contraceptive services and STD testing are available through the Davis Health Center.

Free safe sex supplies:

  • Free male/external, female/internal condoms, dental dams, finger cots and lubricant are available at the Davis Health Center (CC004), Wellness Promotions office (CC134), Counseling Center (CC 225) and RA offices in each residence hall.
  • Safe Sex to Go Kits are available two weeks prior to campus breaks at the Wellness Promotions office (CC134).

Additional Resources:

LGBTQIA+ Resources

As a team of health care professionals, the Davis Health Center is dedicated to providing culturally competent medical care, educational programs and student advocacy which will enhance a student's wellbeing and empower them to become a well-informed consumer of health care during their lifetime. To schedule an appointment call: 315-386-7333.

The Counseling Center  works to promote a safe and positive atmosphere on campus. Our goal is to create an environment which is conducive to learning and developing a healthy lifestyle. The Counseling Center is designed to provide short term, brief counseling. To schedule an appointment call: (315) 386-7314 or stop in the office in Miller Campus Center 225.

Spectrum (GSA): Contact Club Advisor Marianne Dimarco-Tempkin (dimarcotemkinm@canton.edu) or Melissa Lee (leem@canton.edu) for more information and meeting times.

The Office of Diversity Affairs operates in partnership with the College to promote, support, and integrates diversity initiatives to enhance our students’ education.

LGBTQIA+ Career Resources: The Career Services Office provides a collection of services that aid students and alumni in selecting and securing rewarding careers.

New York State LGBTQIA+ Resources: New York State offers a wide range of LGBTQIA+ resources. Check out what's available by region.


Sleep is an essential piece of college health. Lack of sleep can lead to poor academic performance, moodiness and loss of productivity. Practicing sleep hygiene is the key to a good night’s rest. Sleep hygiene includes: having a comfortable sleep environment, a bedtime routine and eliminating distractions such as your phone. If you’re struggling with a good night’s rest, we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment at the Davis Health Center or Counseling Center.

Sleep resources

Wellness for Online Students

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, regardless if you learn in a classroom or in your living room. In addition to the information in the sections above we’ve compiled some tips for online learners to stay well and engaged in a healthy lifestyle.

Information/resources for students who are also parents

Sign-up for weekly health tips and information!

Health education is held across campus every week. Sign-up to receive the information from these programs in your email each week. Email Farren Lobdell at davisf@canton.edu from your SUNY Canton email address to sign-up. Open to current online students only.

Farren C. Lobdell
Director of Wellness Promotions
MCC 134
34 Cornell Drive
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