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Formed in Spring 2004, CUSP is to facilitate long-range and ongoing strategic planning for the institution. As part of this process, annually CUSP reviews goals and objectives and self-assessment outcomes. Membership to CUSP includes: President, Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, three Faculty representatives, Director of Admissions, Director of Institutional Research, Registrar, a member from the Academic Assessment Committee and a member from the Non-Academic Assessment Committee. The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs presides over CUSP which reports to the President.

One of the first duties of CUSP was to review the institution's mission and vision statements and develop institutional goals and objectives. These were developed with administrative, faculty and staff input. Following the development and approval of the institution vision, mission, goals and objectives, each school, department and unit then formulated their mission, goals and objectives. These are reviewed and revised annually. Each unit collects data on the objectives set for the year and reports on success and any anomalies. The reports are reviewed by CUSP to better establish a solid foundation for future planning as well as identify areas of concern in the overall progress of the institution.

Assessment of institutional effectiveness and student learning is accomplished with the oversight of the Assessment Committee. Chaired by a School Dean, the committee is composed of faculty representatives from each school program and general education area as well as Institutional Research and Student Affairs.

Recently, SUNY Canton took part in a SUNY-wide strategic planning process called Mission Review. This exercise enabled us to review the mission of the college that would lead us to 2010 and position us favorably to enter the next decade with sufficient momentum to grow while sustaining the core values and quality of the enterprise. Various layers of constituencies reported to CUSP, who then formulated the Memorandum of Understanding between SUNY Canton and State University of New York. Once the Mission Review was completed, CUSP was charged with ongoing strategic planning and assessment of institutional effectiveness. CUSP began by formulating a plan for assessment.

Institutional Effectiveness Plan

  1. At the end of each academic year, the different departments will submit their progress towards the goals and objectives submitted at the beginning of the academic year to CUSP with descriptions of how they met their objectives and, if needed, an explanation of why they might not have met their objectives.
  2. CUSP will review each department's progress and provide feedback as to what they might do to improve the next academic year, or how they can meet their objectives or if an objective should be dropped.
  3. Over the summer and by the beginning of each academic year, each department will submit to CUSP their goals and objectives for the upcoming academic year.
  4. CUSP will review these goals and objectives in light of the past academic year's progress and suggest any changes or approve the goals and objectives.
  5. If approved, the goals and objectives will be posted to the SUNY Canton web site.
  6. If not approved, the suggestions for improvement from CUSP members will go back to each department for revision and re-submission. Once approved, the goals and objectives will be posted to the SUNY Canton web site.
  7. When the new goals and objectives are posted to the web site, the goals and objectives from the previous academic year, including the progress made towards these objectives, will also be posted to the web site.
  8. A campus-wide announcement will be made when these have been updated and posted.
  9. The same process will occur for the University-wide goals and objectives, with CUSP reviewing and revising as needed.

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