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University Police

For Emergencies call: 315-386-7777

Our department is comprised of 9 sworn police officers and one support staff. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community as well as the general public.


The University Police department is dedicated to maintain and promote a safe and secure atmosphere that is conducive to the educational mission of the University. The department is responsible for the protection of life, property, safety and of those who live, work and visit the SUNY Canton campus. The University Police department upholds the college's policies and procedures, laws of New York State and the United States Constitution in a fair and equitable manner in a ever-changing society. We are committed to provide safety awareness programs, training opportunity to the campus community and regional law enforcement training.


Goal 1

Provide a safe living, learning environment for students, faculty, staff and visitor to the campus.

  • Increase crime prevention and safety programs to reduce criminal complaints by providing awareness programs, crime prevention tips and information sessions on personal safety and security; measured by criminal complaints statistics and activities conducted.
  • Increase University Police patrols in the residence halls from 4:30 pm to 5:00 am; an increase of 16 percent.
  • Resolve by closed investigation 50% of all felony complaints reported to University Police.

Goal 2

To promote continued professional development and remain current with new safety measures, training requirements, technological advancement and equipment to better serve campus safety needs.

  • Provide training and educational opportunities to the University Police staff. Training provided will include but not limited to the following: firearms, first aid, CPR, Domestic Violence, Right to Know, Sexual Harassment, Bloodborne pathogens and other training offered as needed.
  • Obtain funding and/or grants ($5,000) to provide officers with training and equipment.
  • Obtain training equipment and training to conduct rapid deployment training and to train all University Police officers to be able to fully utilize an AR15 assault weapon.