The mission statement for the University Police Department at SUNY Canton is,"to serve, protect and be a vital contributor to the educational process." To "be a vital contributor to the educational process," University Police at Canton offer an array of educational programs. The goal of these programs is to enhance safety through education; thus, improving the quality of campus life and community relations.

The University Police Department has developed programs which are specifically designed to address issues that students regularly face on a college campus. Although college students are the main focus for these educational programs, they are not the only beneficiary of the programs. In addition to general program topics, University Police have also designed programs to meet the needs of specific audiences. Educational programming is offered to a wide range of constituents, i.e., perspective students, faculty, staff and parents as well as to the local community. A list of the educational programming provided by University Police along with a brief description of the program contents and targeted audience follows:

Operation Identification

This program is an introduction to "Operation Identification," a national program which advocates marking personal property with a traceable identification number. The mechanics of Operation Identification and its benefits are explained in an interactive forum. Operation I.D. numbers are made available to participants along with engravers, brochures and inventory logs for participants. This program is ideal for the new student. However, anyone attending can benefit from the information presented on property protection.

Drug Identification for Resident Assistants

Along with University Police, the Resident Life staff are on the front line in enforcing the college's zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol. Specifically designed for Resident Assistants, this program educates the RA staff to drug identification and detection. Commonalities associated with particular drugs and their uses are explained.

Women's Personal Safety

Based on Stephen M. Thompson's book, No More Fear, this program is designed to enhance personal safety for women. The program outlines Thompson's "four C's" to counter a potential aggressor: Concern for Personal Safety, Confidence, Control, and Complete Incapacitation. Also covered in this program are general crime prevention and personal safety tips and techniques along with topics and statistics specific to this campus. This program is designed specifically for women.

Zero Tolerance: Drugs & Alcohol

SUNY Canton has adopted a "Zero Tolerance" position on drugs and alcohol. This program spells out SUNY Canton's Zero Tolerance Policy. The program is applicable to all SUNY Canton students and its purpose is to enhance compliance and specify consequences for violations.

The ABC's of The Alcohol Beverage Control Law

Many SUNY Canton students are under 21 years old. This program explains New York State's Alcohol Beverage Control law as it relates to them. New York State's Zero Tolerance Vehicle and Traffic Law is also covered in this session. The program contains important information in assisting individuals under 21 to make responsible, informed choices concerning the use of alcohol.

Good Students - Bad Choices: Things for which Canton College Students Get Arrested

Each year a number of SUNY Canton students are arrested on campus or in the Village of Canton for petit offenses as a result of being naive to the law or making bad choices. This program explains in layman terms New York State Penal laws and Canton Village Ordinances that students often encounter. Categorized arrest statistics from previous years are shared with participants to show the true-life impact bad choices can make. This program is ideally suited for the new student.

Interpreting "No": A Candid Discussion for Men about Sexual Situations

As the title implies, this program is designed to educate men about their responsibilities in sexual situations. Several scenarios are discussed in an interactive dialogue forum during this program. The legal, civil and disciplinary ramifications for particular actions and conduct are outlined. This program is suited for all college males.

University Police: Are We Really Here To Help You?

After attending this program, we are sure participants will answer with a resounding "Yes!" Participants are introduced to University Police. The program explains the authority, role and responsibility of University Police at SUNY Canton. Also discussed are the unique services the department offers and how students can avail themselves to these services. This program serves as an excellent opportunity for all students to become familiar with their University Police Department.

The Men's Program

The objective of this program is to heighten men's sensitivity to the issue of rape and the rape victim. The Men's Program is a collaborative effort by the College's Division of Student Affairs with input from University Police, Counseling Center, Health Services and the Dean of Students. The program consists of a startling video describing a rape scenario. The video is followed by a group discussion to process the experience. The program is well suited for general male audiences as well as specific groups, i.e., athletes, fraternities, or residence halls.

University Police can also assist you by developing a specific program for your group. For more information or to schedule a program, please contact University Police at 386-7777 or stop by our office. We look forward to serving you.