Campus Map and Parking Lots

All vehicles parked on the SUNY Canton campus must be registered. Students who have entered their license plate number on the UcanWeb and whose bills have been processed can obtain their parking pass at the University Police office.  Faculty and staff can obtain their yearly parking pass, renewable each October, at the One-Hop Shop (located in the Miller Campus Center). Visitor or temporary parking permits can also be obtained at the One-Hop Shop or at the University Police office.

For your convenience, we have provided the following links and information:

Campus Map



Parking Lot 1 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 3 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 4 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 6 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 7 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 14 Visitor
Parking Lot 13 Commuter Students; Faculty/Staff (special permit)
Parking Lot 24 Students/Visitors
Parking Lot 25 Students/Visitors


Parking Lot 2 Faculty/Staff Only
Parking Lot 3A Faculty/Staff Only
Parking Lot 5 Faculty/Staff Only
Parking Lot 5A Faculty/Staff Only
Parking Lot 5B Faculty/Staff Only (special permit)
Parking Lot 8 Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 9 Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 10A Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 10B Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 11 Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 12 Faculty/Staff/Visitors
Parking Lot 13 Commuter Students; Faculty/Staff (special permit)
Parking Lot 25 Faculty/Staff/Visitors


Parking Lot 15 Restricted Parking
Parking Lot 16 Restricted Parking
Parking Lot 17 Restricted Parking
Parking Lot 19 Handicapped Parking Only
Parking Lot 20 Handicapped Parking Only
Parking Lot 2 Restricted Parking
Parking Lot 22 Restricted Parking