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Sex Offender Notification

In January of 1966, the Sex Offender Registration Act was passed into law. The act requires all sex offenders to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. This law authorizes local law enforcement agencies to disseminate relevant information about offenders to entities with vulnerable populations.

Effective July 2002, State University Police Departments will now receive direct notification from the Division of Criminal Justice Services if a registered sex offender enrolls at or is employed by the SUNY campus. Campus notification will be made as follows:

  • Upon receipt of a sex offender notification, the University Police Department will have the following information posted to this web page:

Level of Offender (Level 1 low risk, Level 2 medium risk, Level 3 high risk)


  1. Sex Offender Alert - 09/07/10 - Level 2.
  • By law the following information can be disseminated on registered sex offenders: name, address (either home address if Level 3 offender or zip code if Level 1 or 2 offender), physical description, crime of conviction, modus operandi, type of victim targeted, special conditions imposed on parole.
  • To obtain the above information, you must contact the University Police Department and provide: your full name, address (home and local) to include street, city, state, and zip code) and your telephone number.

Anyone can access the state sex offender registry by going to Division of Criminal Justice Services, or call (518) 457-3167.


Date Received Level
1. October 4, 2015 1
2. June 9, 2017 1
3. March 9, 2022 1