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If you are enrolled in a degree program at SUNY Canton, have an emergency financial need, and have exhausted all other sources of support, you may apply for a grant from the Student Emergency Fund. The request must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Guidelines for the requests are included below. Required* fields must be completed.

For tuition requests, you must show that the emergency was an unpredictable event that occurred, which is now causing the lack of funds available for tuition expenses.

If you are requesting emergency assistance due to loss of employment or because you cannot find employment, you must provide specific information on unsuccessful job search efforts. You may also be referred to one or more campus resources for assistance in finding employment opportunities.

Established by donors and outside sources, the Student Emergency Fund assistance is intended to be used as a last resort to help students continue their college education at SUNY Canton. This funding is limited to one time per student.

If you have food insecurities the Renzi Food Pantry provides free confidential services for students who are in need of food or other supplies.

Monies received from the Student Emergency Fund may be taxable in accordance with the IRS guidelines. A form W-9 will need to be completed before any funds can be disbursed.

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