Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for developing and updating the College's State Operations, Income Fund Reimbursable, and Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable budgets. In addition, the Budget Office provides efficient and effective managerial information, guidance and review regarding the allocation and use of the College's resources; performs an ongoing analysis of the College's financial standing through examination of the College's expenditure patterns, revenue estimates, and personal service requirements; grants' approval for all fund transfers; and works closely with Income Fund Reimbursable project managers in the development of their budgets and monitoring operations throughout the year.

The SUNY Accounting Inquiry System provides for the viewing of account data online.

SUNY Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard Access

The SUNY BI dashboards can be accessed via the Internet to query your accounts. Queries include budget summaries, IFR cash summaries, and transaction listings. Within an account you can "drill down" from summary amounts to transactions and more detail, including requisition, PO and voucher detail.

To use the SUNY BI, the following are required: