Administrative Services Division Goals

It is our goal to provide accurate and timely services at the lowest reasonable cost to our constituents; to campus managers, to students, to SUNY Systems Administration and other state and federal agencies. We will provide quality information and service in a changing environment, continually examine ourselves and our operations with a view to improving existing methods and services, and assist other campus officials in making sound financial and programmatic decisions affecting our institutional future. We will actively promote an open flow of information to encourage quality decision-making.

More specifically…

  • we will provide administrative oversight to campus operations to insure compliance with state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and will insure adequate administrative financial and procedural safeguards to limit financial and property risk;
  • we will be open to criticism and suggestions for improvement of our methods, processes and operations in order to enhance the quality of our services to our constituents;
  • we will assist campus officials in managing and procuring resources within budgetary limits, and provide guidance and alternative suggestions to accomplish institutional goals;
  • we will provide advice to the campus community with respect to supportive services within our purview, and will serve as willing advocates for sound and responsible management of our financial and human resources;
  • we will provide cross-training and professional development opportunities for our staff and will encourage the delegation of authority to its lowest appropriate level.