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Enrollment Management Working Group

The Enrollment Management Working Group (EMWG) is a formalized administrative committee reporting to the Provost, the President’s designee for strategic planning. The group’s work is focused on the College’s strategic goal, Optimize Enrollment. Specifically, the Group brings together disparate functions from across the campus to investigate, discuss, and suggest strategies and tactics to meet the College’s enrollment and institutional goals with respect to:

  • Filling empty seats (recruitment, marketing, financial)
  • Keeping seats full (retention)
  • Creating new seats (new academic programs)

Recommendations and findings from the group are based on the research literature, best practices in the profession, data, and analytics. Members of the working group include a broad representation of stakeholders across the campus. They are:

  • Chair: Molly Mott, Associate Provost and Dean of Academic Support Services and Instructional Technologies
  • Co-Chair: Phil Neisser, Dean, School of Business & Liberal Arts
  • Shawn Miller, Vice President for Administration
  • Courtney Bish, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Melissa Evans, Director of Admissions
  • Travis Smith, Director of Public Relations
  • Sharon Tavernier, Director of the Advising Center and First Year Programs
  • Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Brandon Baldwin, Canino School of Engineering Technology
  • Janet Parcell-Mitchell, School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice
  • Kelly DeHaut, School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice
  • Alainya Kavaloski, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Richard Hu, School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Art Garno, CREST

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Supporting Data

See Office of Institutional Research for additional data.