Professor Umesh Kumar speaks to a flex class.


The School of Business and Liberal Arts is committed to providing students learning experiences which foster individual growth and prepare them for success in the workplace, in life, and which promote social responsibility in campus, regional, national, and global communities.


The School of Business and Liberal Arts welcomes students of all backgrounds, abilities and aptitudes, setting high expectations for mastery of subject matter and fluency of thought, helping students to meet those expectations to promote both personal and professional growth and active citizenship.


The members of the School of Business and Liberal Arts value:
Intellectual Curiosity… by cultivating and encouraging inquiry with active reflection, seriousness of purpose, critical thinking, and academic honesty, all to promote life-long learning.

Professional Competence…by educating students to expand and master content in ways that build interpersonal and communication skills and foster adaptability, innovation, and continuing professional development. approaching learning with responsibility, independence, and a sense of purpose to take initiative and be accountable.

Diversity…by fostering a culture of inclusiveness that values individual differences, gives voice to all in the campus community, promotes the free exchange of ideas, and encourages a global perspective.

Citizenship…by instilling a sense of respect, and fairness promoting both civil discourse and ethical practices that lead to civic engagement, sustainable practices, and improvement of the human condition.

Collaboration…by building a culture of cooperation and teamwork to exchange ideas and develop leadership skills through effective communication and group efforts.



Kirk Jones

School of Business and Liberal Arts

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