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Healthcare Technology & Recovery

The Healthcare Technology & Recovery microcredential provides an overview and understanding of health information systems, strategies to increase resilience for disasters, and examines the role of cybersecurity in healthcare. The need for data security and protection of patients’ records and health care information systems is at the utmost importance to healthcare organizations as they continually face cyber threats that impact patient safety, financial well-being, and clinical outcomes.

This microcredential is particularly useful for healthcare professionals lacking formal cybersecurity training. It extends the theoretical aspects of health information technology and the implementation of health information systems' platforms necessary for direct patient care and the management of hospital and public health sectors. Themes include practical aspects of cybersecurity and cyber hygiene, emergency management competencies, and strategies to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks and other emergencies.


  • Current students
  • Outside professionals
100% Online


  • Online

Time to Complete

  • Months
  • 6 credit hours


  • Analyze current health information systems’ challenges and operational aspects in managing health information technology.
  • Utilize strategies to increase resilience for disasters, and examine the role of cybersecurity in healthcare.
  • Assess the organizational resilience to emergencies and cyber-attacks.
  • Describe the process and requirements by which healthcare organizations prepare and comply with guidance and regulations.


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