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February 8 - March 1, 2023
Roopreneur - Seven

Echelon Kitchen + Bar - Market Research for New Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI

In this year’s Roopreneur, we’ll attempt to develop a marketing strategy for Echelon, a new restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Students will conduct research and provide strategies for a successful opening and longterm success.

  • Doug Zeif, SUNY Canton Management alum, adjunct, and restauranteur will provide background on the company and thoughts about the current hospitality industry.
  • Echelon Kitchen + Bar Overview

2023 Winners

1st Place ($1,750 prize) – Meagan Hartsock (Finance)

2nd Place ($750 prize) – Pierce Diamond (Management)

3rd Place ($500 prize) – Verity Lewis (Management)

4th Place ($250 prize) – Nola Ranallo (Agribusiness Management)

5th Place ($250 prize) – Janirka Planco (Early Childhood Care and Management)

6th Place ($100 prize) – Kelsey Beyer (AS in Business Administration)

7th Place ($100 prize) – Milena Miller (AS in Business Administration)

8th Place ($100 prize) – Jytia Wright (Management)

9th Place ($100 prize) – Ryan Glover (Esports Management)

10th Place ($100 prize) – Carolyn Fadel (Management)

The Challenge

Develop a 5 slide, no more than 5 minutes in total, narrated Powerpoint (think Shark Tank or Dragons' Den). Your voice is fine (No need for a video of you speaking)

Slide One: Who is the customer and how would Echelon go about acquiring them?

Slide Two: How can Echelon differentiate itself and become profitable? (it’s not catering to University of Michigan students)

Slide Three: Develop a rater customer review

Slide Four: Identify and develop strengths and weaknesses of opening this type of restaurant/bar in the Ann Arbor Area

Slide Five: Identify and develop opportunities and threats of opening this type of restaurant/bar in the Ann Arbor Area

Location: 200 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104

Future site of Echelon restaurant, as pictured in Google Street view.

Only one other requirement: Be a SUNY Canton student... that’s it.


1st Place - $1,750 scholarship

2nd Place - $750 scholarship

3rd Place - $500 scholarship

4th Place - $250 scholarship

5th Place - $250 scholarship

6th - 10th Place - $100 scholarship

Questions can be directed to Dr. Charles Fenner at 315-386-7637 or