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February 4-20, 2022
Roopreneur - Six

Day & Nite/All Service - From Transaction to Membership Business Model

In this year’s Roopreneur, we’ll attempt to transition the model of Day and Nite Services from a transactional business model to a membership business model. A transactional business model would be the traditional HVAC service model: a customer calls in to get a piece of equipment serviced and when the service is complete, the transaction is complete.

The Challenge

Develop a 5 slide, no more than 5 minutes in total, narrated Powerpoint. Your voice is fine (No need for a video of you speaking)

Slide One: Discuss how pricing will be handled that members experience value for the price paid; while at the same time, Day & Nite/All Service is not giving away revenue producing activities for free.

Slide Two: Discuss how new members will be onboarded and the levels of membership.

Slide Three: Discuss what benefits each member of each level will receive to make the membership of value to the member.

Slide Four: Discuss what it would take for the company to transition regular users to super users (from basic members to premium members).

Slide Five: Discuss what customer engagement will become for Day & Nite/All Service once transition occurs.

Only one other requirement: Be a SUNY Canton student...that’s it.


1st Place - $250 - Keegan Perreta

2nd Place - $175 - Ashton Summors

3rd Place - $125 - Conner Flynn

Questions can be directed to Dr. Charles Fenner at 315-386-7637 or fennerc@canton.edu.