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February 3-21, 2020
Roopreneur - Five


1st Place - $400 - Kevin Dorr

2nd Place - $250 - William Ma, Adam Petric, Bailey Conklin

3rd Place - $100 - Morgan Beldock, Matthew Brown

Garden Pro Tools

We sell directly to consumers in middle to higher income bracket that own a home, we have also started branching out to municipalities, schools and landscaping businesses.


The Challenge

To come up with a strategy that will get more EGO Power + Equipment into the hands of consumer and improve there quality of life, by making yard work less of a hassle and more enjoyable.

Make a 5 slide narrated Powerpoint. Your voice is fine….

Slide One: Discuss what a customer of EGO would look like demographically.

Slide Two: Discuss what other EGO substitutes are be available in the marketplace and include a price comparison.

Slide Three: How can we reach potential customers of EGO products?

Slide Four: Develop a monthly budget to reach the customers you identified in Slide Three.

Slide Five: What can EGO offer to differentiate itself from other providers of lawncare equipment?

That’s it….no more than 5 minutes or one minute of voice per slide.

Only one other requirement: Be a SUNY Canton student...that’s it.


1st Place - $400

2nd Place - $250

3rd Place - $100

Submit your entry in the dropbox below using your SUNY Canton email by February 21, 2020

Winners will be notified on March 2, 2020