Nutrition & Wellness

The health, wellness, and nutritional aspects of campus life are important to the dining program. In an effort to meet dietary needs and interests, our Chef and service staff work diligently to ensure options exist in our various locations that meet the varying interests of our clientele.

The campus purchases most of its products from a North Country supplier, as well as features NYS grown and processed items in seasonal and other dishes during the academic year. While ingredient and nutritional information are available on certain goods, some dishes use a multitude of ingredients where some products may not include all information which can limit full reporting capabilities.

Wellness Options

  • Vegetarian and/or Gluten-Free: Chaney Dining Center features options during each meal. These are highlighted on the Chaney Dining Center Menu. In addition, the Late-Night Program offered at the Corner also features menu items of interest. Select retail locations, including Cyber Café and Roos Court, are excellent retail destinations for meal and dessert options.
  • Sickness: A “sick tray” is available by contacting Chaney Dining Center at 315-386-7179. If you’ve visited the Davis Health Center, they may contact us as well. You’ll need to request a friend, roommate or RA to pick up your meal. Sick trays are generally an all-liquid diet.
  • Accommodation / Dietary Restriction: The College Association Dining works directly with students, the Davis Health Center, and Accessibility Services to meet dietary restrictions and other health accommodations. Please contact our Campus Chef & Kitchen Manger - Jason Bartholomew at or at 315-386-7634.
  • Academic or Work Conflict: Meal transfers or boxed meals may be available to residential meal plan holders that have an academic or work conflict. Please stop by the College Association Dining Office (located in Chaney Dining Center) from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday with your ID and Schedule.
  • Allergens: Reach out to our Dining Supervisor, Tom Cruger at, who will work with you to ensure that safe dining options are available that suit you needs.

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