Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

Below are links to both the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct.

The Handbook contains all information that students need in order to be successful at SUNY Canton, including rights and responsibilities, Residence Hall Guide, tuition and fees information, and information about academic affairs.  The Code of Conduct is the rules by which all students are expected to adhere while at SUNY Canton, and also outlines the campus’s disciplinary policies and procedures. All students are expected to read the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct and be familiar with the rules and regulations of the college.

We have also included a link to the Academic Calendar, where you will find all the important dates for the semester.

VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Campus Center 229
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, New York 13617

Phone: 315-386-7120
Fax: 315-386-7990 

Regular Hours:
M - F: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm