Hearing Board Appeal Form

A request for an appeal may only be submitted when the student believes:

  1. A procedural error occurred during the process, which had a direct impact on the finding.
  2. That new information has come to light, which has a direct impact on the finding.
  3. The finding or sanction imposed is unfair or inappropriate.

The appeal must be submitted within four (4) class days of the respondent’s receipt of the written decision (which will be sent to the respondent’s SUNY Canton email).

Appellate boards will be composed of two faculty/staff members and one student. There will also be an advisor who shall serve only to assist in clarifying or answering questions regarding policies or judicial processes. The advisor is not permitted to weigh in on the appeal and is not a voting member of the appellate board.

While an appeal is being considered or a scheduled appeal hearing is pending, the original sanctions imposed remain in effect. The chairperson of a Judicial Board or Board Member (if the chair is unavailable) that rendered a decision under appeal, may be asked to attend an appeal hearing. A student who appeals is not required to attend, but is entitled to attend and be accompanied by a support person. Notification of appeal decisions shall be communicated within 48 hours after the conclusion of a hearing. Outcomes shall be disclosed in writing.

After reviewing an appeal, an Appellate Board may decide to

  1. Deny the request and uphold the decisions of the original Judicial Board, or
  2. Grant the appeal and direct the case to be heard by a college judicial board again.

In cases where the substance of a request causes the Appellate Board to believe such action is warranted, members of the original board may be replaced or an entirely new board may convene to hear the case. All decisions made by the Appellate Board are final.

Appeals decisions are final within the campus judicial system.

Please be sure that you are sending your appeal to the appropriate board - if you are unsure which board you were in front of, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students at 315-386-7120. Confirmation of receipt of your appeal will be sent to your SUNY Canton email address.

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