Safety Information


SUNY Canton cares about the safety of its new graduates and their families. We ask that attendees do not bring backpacks or large bags into the Field House. As a precaution, all items may be inspected before visitors enter the Field House for the Commencement ceremony. The College appreciates your cooperation in making this a safe and memorable event for all.

Animals at Commencement

While we allow guests who utilize service animals to bring their important companions to Commencement, it is inappropriate for animals not trained to deal with large crowds, noise, and confusion to be part of the celebration. Animals are NOT allowed at Commencement, except SERVICE ANIMALS required to perform tasks for persons with disabilities.

New York State Law prohibits leaving an animal inside a confined vehicle in extreme heat or cold without proper ventilation or other protection. For the safety and comfort of the animals and our guests, it is important that pets be left at home. Guests who insist on bringing pets to the ceremony will be asked to leave immediately. No exceptions will be made for graduates or guests.

Balloons and Selfie-Sticks

Balloons and Selfie-Sticks are NOT ALLOWED in the Field House. Balloons can do damage to the facility‚Äôs air handling system and selfie-sticks disrupt the flow of the Commencement proceedings. Please refrain from bringing them to Commencement.

Special Events Coordinator
Amber Baines
Phone: 315-386-7918