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The Office of Telecommunications provides and maintains a comprehensive voice communications system, data communication pathways, and other communication services to meet the needs of Canton College, and its faculty, staff, students, and correspondents.

User Guides
Process Your SUNY Canton Phone Bill

***Personal calls are now marked within the Pinnacle application.

There is no need to print the bill or to have your supervisor sign off on your phone bills.***

Access SUNY Canton telephone bills at: https://www.mypinnaclelogin.com/canton/app/f?p=1003:HOME *This is available both off and on-campus* (Use your SUNY Canton network Username/Password)

    1. At the Pinnacle Home Pageā€¦.click on My Account in the upper right hand corner.
    2. Choose Overview from the dropdown box.
    3. Click on the Personal Usage to view a list of all phone calls made with your PIN.
    4. Scroll through the list, checking the box for those calls which are personal calls.
    5. Click the “Mark As Personal” button to complete the process.
    6. Click “Logoff” to exit Pinnacle.

Mark Bickelhaupt
Director of Telecommunications