Engineers Week


Corning Presents: Round table Discussion
12 - 1 PM

Career Fair
1 - 4 PM

Open House
5 - 8 PM

SUNY Canton invites students of all ages and their families to celebrate Engineers Week. All are welcome to tour the Canino School of Engineering (Nevaldine) to learn about the current engineering technology programs available at Canton. There will be various activities and demonstrations from current engineering tech students and faculty with various prizes awarded. Dinner and Refreshments will be provided!

Maglev Sailing Challenge: Feb 27 - 6:30 PM

In this creative and fast-paced racing competition, participants design, construct, and race a maglev sail racer. Students will have 25 minutes to use the provided materials to build their racer. Once their device is constructed, they will race against other teams in a double elimination event!

A maximum of 30 teams can compete. Two members per team. Space is limited. Register now!

Category 1: 9th – 12th grade

  • 1st Place Team: $1,200 SUNY Canton Scholarship Each
  • 2nd Place Team: $500 SUNY Canton Scholarship Each
  • 3rd Place Team: $100 SUNY Canton Gift Card Each

Category 2: 3rd – 8th grade

  • 1st Place Team: Lego Mindstorm Kit Each
  • 2nd Place Team: RC Sail Boat Each
  • 3rd Place Team: Lego Sail Kit Each

Open House Activities: Feb 27 - 5:00 - 8:00 PM

  • Any Time Is Slushy Time
    Enjoy this delightful treat and learn about the components that can transform a liquid into ice and be so delicious! They will be made to order!
  • Structure Testing
    Come check out this cool instrument that can measure the strength of spaghetti structures. Even build a small structure design and then break it to pieces!
  • Solar Trainer
    Do you want to learn about solar power…come and check this solar trainer out!
  • The Award Winning Bridge Team
    Students of the award winning bridge team will display past and future designs of their ASCE winning steel bridges. These 1/10 scale bridges have shown to be competitive in competition. With a total of 15 first place Regional wins and 10 top ten (with 1 win; 2009) finishes in the nation since 1995. Come and celebrate their achievements over the years!
  • This Go-kart Will Save You Money At The Gas Pump
    Students of the Alternative Energy Club proposed, developed, and constructed an electric go-kart. It can reach speeds over 30 mph! Come watch this amazing masterpiece. Note that this demonstration will be outside and will be weather dependent.
  • Treating Drinking Water
    We are fortunate to live in a country that has the resources and technology to test and treat drinking water. Come and learn about contaminants that impact our water quality. See samples from different water sources and learn what contaminants they contain. Learn about how are municipal water treatment plants clean our water and see benchscale models of different treatment components. Take a taste test of bottle and tap water to see if you can tell the difference!
Three photos of middle school students working on Engineers Week demos.
  • Fluid Power
    Come test your skills at reading an electro-pneumatic schematic diagram and build the test circuit to emulate an industrial automation cycle.
  • Water Tunnel Aerodynamics
    Have you ever wondered how an airplane works? Take a splash and get your hands wet in this aerodynamic showcase of a water tunnel!
  • Powersports Lab
    Come check out all the fun toys in the powersports lab! ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and side by sides.
  • Fastest Finger Competition
    Test your reaction time against your buddy. This Electrical Engineering Technology Senior Design Project Game will have you at the edge of your seat! This digital device determines who has the fastest finger and measures reaction time in a simulated game…ready…set…go!
  • Virutal Reality
    Come explore virtual reality by walking through a computer generated drawing of a house!
  • Password Games
    If you are interested in computer related programs, stop by the Computer Networking Lab in Nevaldine North 128 to play the password games. You can enter the provided URLs on any web browser to play them. Each game has five levels, and you need to guess or find the password at each level successfully to complete it.
  • Capstone Projects
    Come into the electrical lab and check out the awesome projects that students are working on! You will be shocked!
  • 3D scanner for fusion printing (3D) and Virtual Reality
    Come pick out objects to scan and watch them be converted into a 3D print using fusion filament fabrication and VR applications.
  • Learn to Draw using Code
    Programming is considered science, but it can also be art. Learn to draw shapes in Processing by using code. Using a free program called processing, we can draw pictures using code.