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What is "NetID"?

NetID formalizes what has been known generically as an individual’s “computer username” or “network account”. It is the username/password credentials used to login to a growing list of services:

  • Campus computers [faculty, staff and students]
  • Microsoft Office 365 [faculty, staff and student email]
  • SUNY web-based services [employee portal, DegreeWorks, etc.]
  • Library resources from off-campus
  • SUNY Canton secured wireless network
  • Barracuda spam quarantine
  • Blackboard

*NOTE* whereas the NetID and ANGEL login credentials are initially the same, they are not currently linked. Changing the password for one will not change it for the other.

Your password:

  • Never give out passwords. Emails requesting/demanding a reply with your username and password, are phishing emails sent with the intent to steal user login credentials.
  • Is set with an initial default password at the time an account is created. http://www.canton.edu/IT/get_help.html#FAQ
  • It is strongly recommended passwords are changed often and are complex in nature. See the following Microsoft website for advice on creating strong passwords: http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/passwords-create.aspx
  • The NetID password can be changed from a campus computer at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen. If you need to have your password reset, please contact the Help Desk at 315-386-7448. We anticipate deploying self-service options for changing and resetting passwords in the near future, stay tuned.
  • You can change your Angel password by logging into Angel (https://canton.sln.suny.edu), clicking on Preferences > Change Password.

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