Can I Kiss You? October 9th at 5:00pm in the Kingston Theater

With all the recent media attention on high profile celebrities and their sex lives, when was the last time you and your friends discussed guys, girls, hooking up, or sex?  Thinking about your sex life and intimacy is both natural and healthy.  The reason friends share with each other is because everyone is looking for answers.  How do you know how far your partner really wants to go with you?  When it comes to intimacy, how do you let your partner know what you want without being too subtle, too bossy, or the mistake of just ‘going for it’? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one simple way to know the exact moment your partner wants to be kissed on the first date?

On October 9th  at 5:00PM in the Kingston Theater you will get the answers to all these questions.  Plus, you’ll be surprised at many more simple ways you can make a difference in your own world of dating/hooking-up and in helping out your friends.  You share these secrets and your friends will have a whole new level of respect for you.

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As a critically-acclaimed author and the Founder of The DATE SAFE Project, Mike Domitrz, will reveal a simple approach to intimacy no one ever shares.  You will discover the exact words to say; how to precisely handle if someone says, “No” to you; and an amazing way for you to impact others’ lives.  The “Can I Kiss You?” one-person show is continually one of the most critically-acclaimed and highest attended events on college campuses across the country by both males and females of all backgrounds and sexual orientations.

You will laugh til you cry in this interactive, hard-hitting performance where the audience is a vital part of the experience. Plus, you can win the highly sought-after “Want Some Action?” and “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirts to wear around campus or the next time you go out.  If you don’t win a shirt, get one really cheap after the program.

To learn more about the ““Can I Kiss You?” program, call Farren Lobdell at 315-386-7958.  If you would like to interview Mike Domitrz with The DATE SAFE Project, he is always happy to accommodate the Media and News at (800) 329-9390.