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SUNY Canton Student Makes Big Hit on Letterman

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

A SUNY Canton Criminal Investigation major began her 15 minutes of fame during 10 minutes on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Erin L. Ganoe visited New York City with her fiancĂ© Gregory T. Bronson and ended up outside of the Hello Deli with a crowd of people during a taping of the “Fun with Rupert” portion of The Late Show.

“It was all kind of crazy,” Erin L. Ganoe of Colton said. “I was really nervous. Everybody said I did fine, but I know how I am when I’m nervous.”

She was then selected to identify an object under Rupert Jee’s clothes, as part of Letterman’s weekly hi-jinks with the Broadway Deli owner. The show aired on a corresponding date to Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement. “Rupert was wearing a red pantsuit, because he was supposed to be dressed like Hillary Clinton,” Ganoe pointed out.

Ganoe recalled thinking the concealed item may have been a sub, as she curiously poked and prodded the soft, squishy object disguised by a layer of clothes. Jee had tucked a veal shank into his clothing, something Ganoe couldn’t identify. “It felt soft and squishy,” she said.

There are no losers on Fun with Rupert. Ganoe and her fiancĂ© walked away with a meat platter that they didn’t eat and t-shirts for their good humor.

According to The Late Show with David Letterman website, the “Fun with Rupert” segments are a series of sociological experiments. Letterman described their pranks as “Something we shouldn’t be doing in New York City.”

The segments typically feature Rupert in disguise on the streets of Manhattan annoying people, causing trouble, and carrying out Letterman’s jokes on unwary New Yorkers.