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SUNY Canton Continues Record-Breaking Summer Session

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

SUNY Canton’s Summer Session has reached an enrollment record for the second year in a row.

The college saw approximately 1,782 enrollments as of June 2, a day after courses began. Comparatively, the college had 1743 Summer Session enrollments last year and 1550 in 2013.


The college uses enrollments to measure overall growth of its supplementary sessions to count students who have enrolled in more than one course. Approximately 1,130 students enrolled in about 160 courses this year.

“Our online Summer Session and Winterterm courses help students finish in four years,” said Molly A. Mott, dean of academic support services and instructional technologies. “Many students from other colleges often enroll in our courses to fulfill their general education requirements. The courses help SUNY Canton support SUNY System-wide goals for access and completion.”


The top three colleges with students enrolled in Summer Session other than SUNY Canton were Syracuse University, SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Albany. The majority of courses are offered online, allowing students to continue with summer jobs and vacations while completing their coursework.

SUNY Canton offers the same high-quality instruction as a traditional classroom setting. “Our faculty members present interesting courses on in-demand topics in a very accessible format,” Mott said.

Summer Session Enrollments by Year

The college anticipates continuing its record-breaking enrollment streak next year by offering even more Summer Session courses.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses, as well as 10 exclusively online bachelor’s degrees. The college’s 14 athletic teams compete as provisional members of the NCAA Division III and the USCAA.


SUNY Canton Admitted Student Day Draws Record Numbers

Friday, March 28th, 2014

SUNY CantonSUNY Canton broke an attendance record March 21 when it welcomed 155 incoming students to campus for the first spring Admitted Student Day.

Director of Admissions Bruce L. Smith credited the high turnout to the appeal of the College’s career-focused majors and the faculty’s reputation for possessing professional, real-world experience.

“SUNY Canton is well-known for providing an affordable, accessible education, as well as a dedication to creating an environment that encourages personal and professional growth,” he said. “With more than 40 majors available, students are able to choose from a one, two or four-year curriculum.”

During the event, students and their families had the opportunity to learn more about the College through guided tours and meetings with faculty, staff and current students. Guests also were also able to sample campus cuisine and some enjoyed ice skating in the new Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center, nicknamed Roos House.

The next Admitted Student Days are scheduled for April 11, April 18 and May 2. The College is also hosting an Open House April 25. For more information on all upcoming events, visit


About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier College for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and certificate programs. The College delivers quality hands-on programs in engineering technology, health, management, and public service to students in the North Country, New York State, and beyond. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to their academic credentials. SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as eight exclusively online bachelor’s degrees. The College’s 14 athletic teams compete in state-of-the-art facilities as provisional members of the NCAA Division III and the USCAA.

SUNY Canton Breaks All-Time Applications Record

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The College is anticipating another year of record enrollment. New students should process their deposits immediately to secure their seats in the College’s top programs.

SUNY Canton has broken its all-time record for applications for the third straight year and has received more than 6,000 applications for the first time in school history. As a result, Admissions Director Nicole Campbell is anticipating a fifth straight year of record-breaking enrollment.

SUNY Canton Applications by Year

“It’s a terrific accomplishment to sustain and build on the incredible momentum we’ve set over the past several years,” Campbell said. “We won’t have complete enrollment numbers until the semester begins, but it looks like we may top 4,000 students for the first time in school history. And while a lot of credit should go to our experienced admissions counselors, it truly is a college-wide effort and a reflection of our remarkable collective success.”

Total applicants and deposits have both increased since last year when the College shattered previous records in nearly every admissions category.

“There are a variety of reasons why our numbers continue to increase each year,” said Vice President for Advancement David M. Gerlach. “We continue to add more in-demand, career-oriented bachelor’s degrees, we have a new athletic facility, a new residence hall, and a student-first approach to everything we do. Those reasons coupled with our affordability make us more attractive to incoming students than we have ever been.”

To date, SUNY Canton has received more than 6,300 applications for the upcoming academic year, an increase of more than 20 percent from the same time last year and up almost 150 percent from just six years ago.

New students planning to begin during the Fall 2012 semester should process their deposits immediately to secure their seats in the College’s top programs.

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Manager, or call 315/386-7527.


SUNY Canton Records Third Year of Record Enrollment

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

SUNY CantonSUNY Canton has broken total enrollment records for the third consecutive year.

The College has 3,686 students this year. The total contains an incoming class of 941 first-time, full-time students and 241 new full-time transfer students. In 2008, the College had 3,056 enrollments and 3,343 in 2009. The 2010 enrollment figure reflects a second straight year of more than 10 percent growth.

“We’re consistently growing in all the right areas,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “We continually increase our selectivity in order to strategically grow our College’s student population while adding new career-driven four-year programs. The College is a completely different place from when I first came here. More students are making SUNY Canton their first choice when starting and continuing their higher education.”

The College has grown 73 percent in just the past ten years, up from 2,126 students in 2000, and it’s nearly doubled in size since enrolling 1,880 students in 1970.

“This growth has helped us avoid the layoffs and reduction of staff that we’ve seen in many other colleges around the state,” Kennedy said. “It’s also a big benefit to our local economy and area businesses to bring in additional students. We recognize our responsibility to the people of the North Country to continue to help energize and revitalize the economy.”

The College broke a 33-year-old record for the most applications in the school’s history with more than 5,500 applicants this year. The previous record was set in 1977 when 5,331 students applied. The College has increased applications nearly 20 percent for four consecutive years, up 77 percent overall from 2006.

Several key developments have led to the College’s explosive growth, including virtually no turnover in admissions counselors and support staff, a clear, concise marketing message, and the addition of more new bachelor’s degrees. Most recently, the College added degrees in sports management, civil and environmental technology, and electrical technology.

“We’ve grown in nearly every way and we anticipate another strong class next year,” noted Assistant Vice President for Advancement Randy B. Sieminski, who oversaw the admissions office through this year’s record enrollments. “The spring opening of our new athletic facility and our new residence hall opening next summer will make 2011 one of the most exciting years in SUNY Canton history.”

The College began construction on the Grasse River Housing Suites, a 305-room apartment-style living complex. Each suite contains single occupancy bedrooms surrounding a common living area. The new residence is designed for upper-class students and is expected to open in August 2011.

The new residence hall comes in addition to the College’s new Roos House, otherwise known as the Convocation Athletic and Recreation Center, which is expected to open during the Spring 2011 semester.

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Coordinator, or call 315/386-7528.

On-Campus Housing Full at SUNY Canton

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

On-campus residence halls at SUNY Canton have filled to capacity for this fall, prompting campus officials to seek information on available off-campus student housing opportunities in the Canton area.

Landlords who expect to have vacancies or homeowners interested in renting rooms in their homes may contact the Residence Life office at (315) 386-7513 or email their information to

The tight housing situation is due to continued growth in enrollment, according to Courtney B. Bish, SUNY Canton’s Director of Residence Life. The College anticipates a third consecutive year of record-breaking enrollment. Last year, 3,300 students attended in the fall semester.

“Our extraordinary enrollment growth has created an incredible demand for on-campus housing,” said Assistant Vice President for Advancement Randy B. Sieminski, who oversees the College’s admissions offices. “With the upcoming opening of our new athletic complex and the addition of even more new bachelor’s degrees, it’s a truly exciting time for our College.”

Applications to SUNY Canton have increased nearly 20 percent in each of the past four years, and the college expects to set an all-time record for applications this year, surpassing the old mark of 5,331 set in 1977.

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Coordinator, or call 315/386-7528.

SUNY Canton’s First-Year Enrollment Up 20 Percent

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

For the second consecutive year, SUNY Canton has reached an all-time enrollment high. More than 3,300 students are enrolled for the Fall 2009 Semester, topping last year’s previous record of 3,056 students.

First-year, full-time students recorded the largest percentage increase among student categories with a new freshmen class of 972 students. That’s a 20 percent increase from last year’s large incoming class of 810 and a 32 percent increase for the full-time, first-year class of two years ago.

“We are strategically growing our way through the statewide SUNY budget crisis,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “We’ve had a remarkable response to our in-demand, career-oriented degrees, particularly our newest bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Graphic and Multimedia Design. Students are recognizing the great value of a SUNY Canton education.”

Enrollment Increases

While enrollments are generally up throughout the SUNY system, SUNY Canton’s freshmen increase is likely among the largest. Overall College enrollment as of Wednesday morning was 3,343 students. Prior to last year, the College’s record enrollment was during the 1975-76 academic year when 2,833 students were enrolled.

“We’ve had back-to-back extraordinary recruiting years accompanied by a steady growth of continuing and returning students,” said Director of Admissions Jonathan Kent. “That has also allowed us to increase our selectivity, particularly in our most competitive programs. We denied nearly twice as many applicants this year than last year.”

International and online programs have also seen dramatic growth over the past several years. More than 300 Bosnian students will be taking courses online from the American University of Bosnia-Herzegovina. They are among the total of more than 1,600 new students this year, which includes 211 full-time transfer students.

“As one of the largest businesses in this area, SUNY Canton recognizes its obligation to help the local economy battle through tough economic times,” said Kennedy. “We strive to be a leader in that area. We have the ability to do that by creating desirable, modern, innovative academic programs that attract more students. Those students come to the North Country and make an immediate, significant impact on the area’s businesses.”

The College has experienced dramatic growth over the last several years. Enrollment is up nearly 10 percent from last year, 28 percent from two years ago, and more than 60 percent from the 1998-99 academic year, when there were a total of 2,078 students.

“Our four-day academic week and our online classes are very popular,” added Kent. “They are among the many factors that explain why more and more students are choosing SUNY Canton. This year, we have also welcomed more than 50 former General Motors and Alcoa employees from Massena who are looking to transform or ignite their careers.”

Applications from prospective students increased 22 percent in the last year, 37 percent from two years ago, and were 77 percent higher than the Fall 2000 semester.

Northland Associates of Syracuse, a company that employs and subcontracts numerous local workers, is currently constructing SUNY Canton’s new $41 million athletic facility. The College also plans to begin building a new residence hall within the next year or two. SUNY Canton is expecting to add as many as five new bachelor’s degrees within the next year, including Sports Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology. Renovations were recently completed on the College’s nursing laboratories, and renovation work is nearly complete in Nevaldine Technology Center, home of the College’s Engineering Technology programs.

SUNY Canton offers a wide variety of career-driven bachelor’s, associate, and certificate programs, as well as three master’s degrees in conjunction with SUNYIT, Utica. Most of SUNY Canton’s new four-year programs are designed so students can take them on-campus, online, or both. SUNY Canton OnLine features more than 100 courses online each semester. The College’s athletic teams belong to the NAIA’s Sunrise Conference, enabling students to compete in their respective sports for four years. Construction is now underway for the College’s new Convocation, Athletic, and Recreation Center.

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Coordinator, or call 315/386-7528.

SUNY Canton’s Enrollment Second Highest in College History

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

SUNY Canton’s Fall 2007 enrollment is the highest in 32 years and the second highest in school history, topped only by its 1975-76 headcount highpoint.

To date, 2,776 students have enrolled which is an increase of 158 students from last year’s total of 2,618, which was the fourth highest enrollment figure in the college’s history.

“The growth in our enrollment not only reflects well on the college, but it’s also a tremendous boost to our local economy and businesses,” President Joseph L. Kennedy said. “By offering more bachelor’s degrees, we’re seeing a large increase in the number of transfer, continuing and returning students. Students are transferring here from other two- and four-year schools, and current students are staying here to earn their bachelor’s degrees.”

SUNY Canton now offers 14 bachelor’s degree programs, five of which can be completed totally online.

“Our bachelor’s degree students are often older and more financially independent than traditional two-year students,” Kennedy added. “These students make a significant impact on the area’s economy.”

SUNY Canton’s all-time highest enrollment was 2,833 during the 1975-76 academic year. The only other time the college had surpassed 2,700 students was in the Fall of 1981-82 academic year with 2,704 students. This year’s enrollment growth includes 1,254 first-time SUNY Canton students, including 404 transfer students.

SUNY Canton OnLine, also known as SUNY Canton OL, continues to experience dramatic growth as well. The college is offering 84 online courses this semester, which is a 40 percent increase from a year ago. There are a total of 1,880 online course enrollments, which reflects a 29 percent increase from last Fall.

“The number of online classes and online students has grown every semester since we began offering them in 1998,” Kennedy said.

SUNY Canton OL has 210 online only students this semester, a 52 percent increase from last Fall’s total of 138.

According to Director of Admissions Jonathan Kent, “It’s been exciting to see almost 1,300 new students enroll at SUNY Canton, including students from Bosnia, Ukraine, and Russia. It is also exciting to know that our Fall enrollment numbers will continue to grow as we accept applications for our Late Start Program, which offers classes that begin in mid-September and mid-October.”