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SFS Helpful Hints

The Statewide Financial System (SFS) is slowly being rolled out to campuses. Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Travel are processing only a few transactions a day through the SUNY Portal. By sharing our experiences with SFS, we are hoping to lessen your frustrations.

OTPS Sub-Object Code List

Effective April 1, 2012, SUNY System Administration has revised the OTPS Sub-Object Code List for use with SFS (Statewide Financial System). System Administration has advised us to use these sub-object codes to better align the information in SFS. The list is color coded to reflect the changes made by the conversion to SFS. The list now contains updated SUNY Titles as well as an SFS Title which provide better descriptions. The list is color coded to show new and changed items.

The added Web SUNY Sub-Object Code Search allows for another way to select a UNSPSC code, which may be less frustrating in the long run. We need to exercise caution in selecting Sub-Object Codes as it could inadvertently cause an inaccurate reporting of Academic or Non-Academic expenditures. For instance, it is inappropriate for classroom lab supplies to be charged to a Physical Plant account; or building and grounds supplies to be charged to an academic account.

As SUNY is requesting a greater awareness in reporting, Sub-Object Codes may be changed at the Business Office level if the submitted requisition contains Sub-Object codes inappropriate for the selected account.


Vendor information has been the biggest challenge. Purchasing and Accounts Payable have all had issues finding vendors. They have found that obtaining the Federal ID from the vendor, whether on an invoice, quote, or a phone call, has been the best way to locate a vendor in the system. However, this is not always the case.

With the new SFS system, vendor names will have to be input exactly according to their Federal ID number.   Names we have become accustomed to may be different in the new system. 

Helpful Hints

  • When searching for a vendor, use the wildcard character “%” before or after a portion of the name.
  • Do not use punctuation when searching for a vendor.  Use the “%”.
  • All payments will go to the address in the VMU (Vendor Management System). This address is updated by the vendor only.
  • When you locate the correct vendor, write the SFS ID number down so you can easily reference it in the future.
  • Walmart – we are no longer able to choose a local store. 
    • Choose the Atlanta GA address.
    • Type the location of the store on the Header page of the req in Comments. 

Screen Shot 1

  • We are no longer able to re-route a payment to an address indicated on an invoice.
  • Do not type a vendor name in as the req will error out – causing more delays and problems

Screen Shot 2

Example:  %coakley with a zip of 13617 (above), will return John P Coakley Sons Inc and Coakley High Peaks Ace hardware (below).

Screen Shot 3



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