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Employee Assistance Program

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What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

The Employee Assistance Program at SUNY Canton is a voluntary, confidential assessment and referral program that provides EAPservices as requested by employees. EAP is a benefit offered to you and your family members. It is a voluntary program designed to offer a highly professional, confidential source of help for people who need assistance with personal problems or concerns. The program offers assessment, referral and a 24- hour, 7-day a week answering service. Services may include:

  • Assistance with family related problems;
  • Assistance with emotional or physical illness, alcohol, and other drug-related problems;
  • Information on resources for child care, eldercare, legal and financial support services;
  • Workplace health education and employee wellness programs.

Confidentiality is paramount. The only exceptions are:

  • when information is required by law;
  • when a person is likely to harm him/herself or others; or
  • when a workplace rule is broken.

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There are many ways to access EAP services:

Self Referral: Any employee may contact EAP directly by calling your local EAP coordinator. Contact information is listed on this brochure.

Supervisory Referral: A supervisor may suggest or recommend EAP to an employee but it is still the employee's decision whether or no to contact EAP.

Third Party Referral: Co-workers, friends, families and others may suggest contacting the EAP office for assistance.

Union Referral: Union representatives may also recommend EAP to an employee but it remains the employee's decision whether or not to contact EAP.

The SUNY Canton EAP Program is a Joint Labor/Management Program Supported By:

  • Governor's Office of Employee Relations
  • SUNY Canton Administration
  • Civil Service Employees Association
  • United University Professions
  • Public Employees Federation
  • Council 82

Obtaining EAP services is as easy as making a phone call. Coordinators will connect you to the services you need, professionally and confidentially.

For further information contact one of the SUNY Canton EAP coordinators: Joe Briggs, Amanda Rowley or Marcie Sullivan-Marin and William Eggleson at the EAP office 386-7404.

The SUNY Canton EAP Office:

Payson Hall, Room 207
SUNY Canton
Canton, New York 13617
Phone: 386-7404

EAP Coordinators:
Joe Briggs x7404
Amanda Rowley x7559
Marcie Sullivan-Marin x7952
William Eggleson x7133

For more information you can Visit the New York State EAP web page.

EAP Resources

Work Life ServicesWork Life Services

Work-Life Services provides New York State employees with a comprehensive network of resources to address their work, home, and life issues.



NYS Balance

NYS-Balance, a free resource and referral service, will help you and your family with work, family, daily life, finances, health, and well-being. Just contact a consultant and describe your need. The consultant does the research and provides a list of resources and referrals. You can also search this website for information, articles, and interactive tools on a wide range of work and life issues

For all NYS Employees:

  • Username: nys
  • Password: balance

Toll-Free: 866-320-4760 TTY/TTD: 866-228-2809


You can also contact the regional EAP office:

Jim Monty, Adirondack Regional Representative
PO Box 296
1115 NYS Route 86
Ray Brook, New York 12977
Office: (518) 891-0735
FAX: (518) 891-0946
Cell: (518) 791-0413


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