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Teaching and Learning Technology Committee

The Teaching and Learning Technology Committee (TLTC) serves as the forum for discussion, advice, and action on the implementation of teaching and learning technologies; serves as a discussion venue for evaluating and making recommendations on classroom space throughout the College; and is a focal point for input on campus instructional technology plans. Committee members bring the requests and concerns of their constituents to the forum for consideration and response. The TLTC makes planning recommendations to the Faculty Affairs Committee, Faculty Assembly and campus leadership regarding teaching and learning technologies.

Three working groups on Communication, Planning and Assessment, and Professional Development will be used and make recommendations to the Teaching and Learning Technology Committee.


  • One faculty member elected from the School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • One faculty member elected from the School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice
  • One faculty member elected from the School of Engineering Technology
  • Two faculty members elected at-large
  • Representative elected from Instructional Support
  • Representative elected from Instructional Technology
  • Director of Academic Computing
  • Director of Library Services
  • Provost or designee
  • Director of Physical Plant
  • Director of Facilities Planning
  • Registrar or designee
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Presiding Officer (voting)
  • One student (voting) selected by the Student Government Association