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Management - B.B.A.

Sound Business Practices

The greatest strength of the Management BBA program is its flexibility. Students adapt the program to best fit their career aspirations.

Students focus on the practical aspects of business, including leadership, ethics, and planning.

Our Future Leaders:

  • Speak, a lot - Business is about a transaction. Students will clearly articulate their ideas and give presentations.
  • Learn the difference between management and leadership - The school will focus on building leaders who provide motivation, direction and purpose to their employees.
  • Shape their own career - Students shape or tailor this program for their own road map to success in today's business environment.
  • Simplify the complicated - Students experience technology acquisition and implementation and make technology-driven operations easier to understand and use.

Management Students

"We're creating leaders, not just supervisors."

— Dr. Charles Fenner,
Management Lead Professor

Our Business Students Will:

  • Have a desire to learn effective business practices
  • Integrate a human quality within an information technology field.
  • Manage change within fast-paced high-tech workplaces and be a leader through change and innovation.
  • Develop business contacts to enhance career opportunities.
  • Seek membership in Better Business Councils to learn from other small business owners.
  • Seek membership in Sigma Beta Delta or Phi Theta Kappa Honor Societies.

Real World Learning

  • One semester of this major is spent in a hands-on internship in a business environment.
  • Internships provide "real world" experience for students as they prepare to transition from academic to the real business environment.
  • Practical application of academic theory is a tremendous learning tool.

After Graduation

  • Students should be prepared to enter the workforce as "hard-line managers," otherwise known as managers of larger-scale commodities or goods.
  • This program prepares students to pursue a Master of Business Administration with an IT focus, such as the one offered at SUNY Canton with SUNYIT.

Small logo Dr. Charles FennerCharles Fenner

Dr. Fenner is a 20-year military officer who has run the office operations in embassy environments in Hanoi, Riyadh, Moscow, and Bucharest. He supervised a multinational staff at each of the embassy environments. In Saudi Arabia, he supervised five Americans, one Somali, two Eritreans, and two Syrians, each of whom came from a different culture and had varying motivational factors. His job was to enhance ethical bilateral military relations, which is often tricky. Dr. Fenner is known for "putting tools in people's mental tool bag." Theories are great, but he focuses on practical uses of theories.

Meet the Business faculty.


Charles Fenner, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator