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Management - Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Management degree program, the student will:

  • Create a distinctive and technologically up to date portfolio documenting their understanding of how organizations have integrated and are integrating technology in the workplace.
  • Direct business units using sound business judgment and leadership anchored in the use of relevant data.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of business principles.
  • Exhibit a working knowledge of local, regional, national, and global economies.
  • Explain how the common professional component of management, interrelates with technological applications that are required to maintain organizational viability.
  • Conduct business locally, regional nationally and internationally.
  • Apply decision making principles in governmental and non-government organizations.
  • Apply current and emerging management theories, concepts and techniques to measure and improve organization performance and effectiveness.
  • Develop mission statements, corporate strategic business plans and assess alternative technologies that coincide with the overall organizational mission.
  • Demonstrate the importance of high ethical standards and their application in business decision making.
  • Utilize change management skills to analyze business structure, organizational culture and diversity to produce best business practices.

Janice Robinson
Curriculum Coordinator
MAC 420