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Early Childhood Teacher Center & Classroom


Hands-on Learning!

Our Maria Sergi Early Childhood Teacher Center and EC Classroom are located in Cook Hall. The primary purpose of this on-campus facility is to provide students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in ECHD coursework to real-life settings in a planned supervised environment. All ECHD courses have an applied component built into course requirements. Some of these requirements include observation of children of different ages and developmental levels (off campus), hands-on work both individually and in groups, environmental design and redesign, health and safety assessments, workshops, seminars, etc.

Early Childhood Teacher Center

Early Childhood Teacher Center

The EC Teacher Center is equipped with a variety of developmentally appropriate resources, equipment and materials. The Center is a comfortable and aesthetically appealing setting for students to learn, study, and prepare coursework, student teaching materials, and lessons.  All resources are available for student use throughout their course of study. From curriculum planning resources, computers, printers, a laminator, an Accu-Cut machine, and a small kitchenette space – our Center provides all students need to be successful.

Early Childhood Classroom

Adjacent to the Center space is our primary EC Classroom. This space is offers a comfortable classroom setting, complete with a Smart Board and advanced technologies. All EC classes are conducted in the EC Classroom.

Literacy Center Space

Nestled in the corner of our EC Classroom space is our beautiful EC Literacy Center.  With floor to ceiling wood shelves and lounge furniture – it houses over 3,000 children’s books and story kits– and our collection keeps growing!

When you visit SUNY Canton, be sure to visit the Maria Sergi Early Childhood Teacher Center and Classroom! We are located in Cook Hall 131-133.

For more information on the Early Childhood Degree Program, please contact Dr. Maureen Maiocco, Early Childhood Program Director, at maiocco@canton.edu or 315.386.7604; or Ms. Christina Martin, Early Childhood Instructor at martinc@canton.edu or 315-379-3868.


Early Childhood Program
Dr. Maureen Powers-Maiocco

Ms. Christina Martin
Instructor & Student Teacher Supervisor
Office: Cook Hall 134