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Finance - Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Finance BBA degree program students will be able to:

  • Identify the job functions, ethical consideration, and managerial aspects and responsibilities required to conduct financial business activities in both domestic and global business environment
  • Identify the motivations and objectives of investors, evaluate their risk/reward profiles, and utilize critical thinking, analytical tools and economic analysis to construct appropriate investment strategies
  • Analyze major financial markets, financial institutions, and major types of financial instruments encountered in business transactions and trades
  • Compute common financial ratios, time value of money, expected returns and risk from portfolios of various types of securities and products
  • Describe key issues in both domestic and international corporate financial decision-making, solve capital budgeting problems, calculate firm’s cost of capital, determine capital structures and other financial policies, and integrate risk-return tradeoff in making financial decisions
  • Construct appropriate financial strategies and instruments to manage and evaluate various risk exposures in business transactions and trade
  • Understand the nature of risk, identify the types of risk faced by individuals and corporations, estimate risk exposures, design risk control and insurance strategies (with and without financial derivatives), and evaluate their costs and benefits to choose the most appropriate risk management program

Umesh Kumar
Curriculum Coordinator