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Legal Studies - Mission Statement

“The study of law should be introduced as part of a liberal education, to train and enrich the mind…. I am convinced that, like history, economics, and metaphysics — and perhaps even to a greater degree than these — the law could be advantageously studied with a view to the general development of the mind.”

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies prepares its graduates for:

  • entry level positions in the legal system,
  • advancement from current positions, and
  • graduate level education including law school. 

Legal Studies is a varied field which interacts with every aspect of civilization including, but not limited to

  • business,
  • crime,
  • human relationships,
  • arts, and
  • science 

A graduate of the Legal Studies program will have learned to

  • advocate,
  • research and assess,
  • effectively communicate ideas both orally and in writing.

Special emphasis is given to the United States Constitution and the rights and restrictions created therein.

Legal Studies
Jondavid DeLong
Curriculum Coordinator