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Legal Studies - Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Legal Studies degree program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the structure and functions of the American legal system, including the interplay of constitutions, statutes, and administrative law, federal and state courts, courts of original jurisdiction and appellate courts.
  • Understand and explain the roles of judges, attorneys, mediators, legal assistants, and others who act within the legal system.
  • Understand and explain how constitutions, statutes, administrative law, and case law are created and how they fit together to provide answers to legal questions.
  • Understand and articulate the role of common law in the American legal system, including the concepts of mandatory and persuasive authority.
  • Identify, examine, and analyze salient facts in a given situation to be able to apply relevant and appropriate legal authority to those facts.
  • Identify, examine, and analyze sources of federal and state law, including state and federal constitutions, statutes, cases, and administrative law and apply those sources of law to a given set of facts to resolve legal issues.
  • Integrate substantive and procedural elements of laws, regulations, and rules relating to business activities, contracts, criminal law, family relationships, immigration, real estate, and wills and estates.
  • Explain and describe the procedural requirements for a criminal or civil case to enter the legal system.
  • Create both objective and persuasive legal documents of varying complexity including client letters, memoranda of law, pleadings, and briefs.
  • Assess and apply specific requirements for cases and litigants to enter the legal system and determine and explain what legal remedies may be available in a given situation.
  • Summarize the concepts of jurisdiction and standing and apply them to a given set of facts.
  • Describe and explain pre-trial and trial procedures as well as the role of appellate review.
  • Identify, and be able to successfully navigate, common ethical dilemmas that develop within the legal system.
  • Understand the impact of existing and emerging technologies on the legal system.

Legal Studies
Rosemary Philips
Curriculum Coordinator