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Electrical Engineering Technology - B. Tech

Student Learning Outcomes

For Electrical Technology (B. Tech) degree, the student will have the following capabilities upon graduation:

  • The application of circuit analysis and design, mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools, associated software, analog and digital electronics, and microcomputers, and engineering standards to the building, testing, operation, maintenance of electrical/electronic systems, and applications of physics to electrical/electronic circuits in a rigorous mathematical environment.
  • Also, the graduate will develop an ability to communicate effectively, learn to recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning, learn the importance of professional, ethical and social responsibilities, demonstrate respect for diversity and knowledge of contemporary professional, societal and global issues, have a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.
  • Also, graduates of (B. Tech) will have the ability to implement control systems, instrumentation systems, communications systems, computer systems, power systems, project management techniques, utilize statistics/probability, transform methods, or differential equations in support of electrical and electronics systems.


Electrical Engineering Technology
Stephen Frempong, Ph.D.
Department Chair