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Mechanical Engineering Technology - Student Learning Outcomes

Program Educational Outcomes (P.E.O.’s)

  • Graduates of this program have knowledge on the applied aspects of science and engineering technology that demonstrate skills in analysis, design, development, implementation, and oversight of mechanical systems.
  • Graduates will exhibit skills necessary to be successful in industry, e.g. manufacturing processes, experimental techniques and procedures, machinery, thermal/fluid/energy systems, instrumental and control systems, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Graduates will be successful technologists, field technologists, technical managers, and process and sales engineers.
  • Graduates of the MT program will be prepared academically to enter and succeed in related postgraduate degree programs at reputable institutions.

Student Outcomes

  • An appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of their disciplines
  • An ability to apply current knowledge and adapt to emerging applications of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology
  • An ability to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments, and apply experimental results to improve processes
  • An ability to apply creativity in the design of systems, components, or processes
  • An ability to function effectively on teams
  • An ability to identify, analyze and solve technical problems
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning
  • An ability to understand professional, ethical and social responsibilities
  • A respect for diversity and a knowledge of contemporary professional, societal, and global issues
  • A commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate the capability to develop engineering drawings for machine, mechanical, and HVAC design projects
  • Be proficient in the use of electromechanical systems and provide feedback loops to improve the system
  • Plan and prepare documents (e.g., reports and presentations) appropriate for machine, mechanical, and HVAC designs
  • Perform economic analyses and cost estimates related to design, construction, operations, and maintenance of systems associated with mechanical engineering, utilizing appropriate principles, hardware, and software

Mechanical Engineering Technology
Daniel Miller
Department Chair