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Our History

SUNY Canton EMS was first envisioned by R.J. Mattimore an EMT/Firefighter with a Volunteer agency in St. Lawrence County and a staff member in the Student Activities Office. Shortly after being employed at SUNY Canton he was surprised that a school that trains so many of the EMT’s in the County did not have its own EMS squad like many other Colleges and Universities in the area.

Interested in founding an EMS squad on campus, in November of 2014 R.J. met with Courtney Bish, Vice President for Student Affairs, who was very supportive of the idea. To get a better idea of the feasibility of starting such an organization VP Bish recommended that R.J. start a committee to discuss the possibility. This was the start of the Advisory Board, which first met in March of 2015.

The Advisory Board, while supportive of the idea had a lot of questions and concerns, which over the next few months they worked together to resolve.

By January 2016 the first student interest meeting was held, which had over 50 students in attendance.

Throughout the spring 2016 R.J. provide weekly training to the students and continued to work behind the scenes with the College, County, and State to obtain all the necessary funding and certifications. The College, along with the Student Government Association generously agreed to fund the squad.

By the end of Spring 2016, SUNY Canton EMS had finally become a reality and was ready to start responding to calls on campus in the Fall of 2016.