SUNY Canton Hall of Fame

The SUNY Canton Hall of Fame was created in 2011 to celebrate the past, present and future of the College through the recognition of those who have made significant contributions in their work, in their communities, and in the storied history of SUNY Canton.

SUNY Canton


Inaugural Class - 2011


Spring 2012

Leon E. Bagley `48

William S. Brown `61

Barbara A. Burnham `46

Alden Chadwick

Elaine Claxton Pidgeon `39

Stanley Cohen

Evan Dana `31

John L. Halford, Sr. `49

Herman Kalberer

Harry King `40

Earl and Joyce MacArthur

Terry Martin

Virginia McAllister

Richard W. Miller

Peter Nevaldine

Ronald O'Brien

Jean Parker

Robert C. Rogers `60

Emma Rose

Lou Saban

Lottie Southworth

Wesley L. Stitt

Margaret Vining

Erich vonSchiller

John H. Wells `51


Dr. Adelord S. and Sylvia H. Blanchard

Joel M. Canino ’59

Mary Adele Chaney

D. Edgar Cloce ’59

Dr. Solomon Cook

Henry and Macy Davis

William D. Demo ’57

Dr. Robert Fraser

Dr. Albert E. French

Walter Kingston

Ernest C. Krag

Edson A. Martin

Catherine Newell

Allan Newell

John P. Ouderkirk

Ronald M. O’Neill ’63

James M. Payson

Gerald Roselle

Dr. Edwin Smith

William Stalder

Jay F. Stone ’62

Josephine P. Swift

Dr. Rollo E. Wicks

Ronald L. ’59 & Blanche K. ’06 Woodcock

Glenn E. Wright


Summer 2012


Summer 2013

Morgan Anderson

Darrel Aubertine

Nancy R. Auster

Lena Chadwick

Walter Christy

Carson Emhof

Joan Eurto ’82

John A. Goetze

William C. Cooper

Charles F. Goolden

Edward S. Mucenski ’68

Judy Guyette ’71 ’77 ’79

R. Peter Heffering ’51

David R. Keller

Catherine M. Kelly

Edward W. Krenceski ’49

Garnett M. Lawrence

Gordon & Beatrice Lawrence

Anita F. Miller

Raymond G. Modell ’62

Kasheed Mohammed ’60

Chloe Ann O'Neil

John F. Ruitberg Jr.

David Sullivan

James W. Wright