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Hall of Fame Criteria

The SUNY Canton Hall of Fame celebrates this select group of men and women who have established an outstanding professional record for integrity, innovation, professional or academic achievement, leadership, public responsibility and citizenship.

The nominated candidate must have established a reputation for excellence and dedication that has resulted in bringing credit and honor upon the College. Those featured in this Hall of Fame include founders, faculty members, alumni, staff, and community members.

Career Achievements

The candidate has made noteworthy contributions to his or her field and is respected by peers and colleagues. The candidate will have taken significant leadership positions in his or her respective industry and challenges the current status quo by making a difference with their work. Additional honors received should be noted within the candidate’s nomination.

Campus Involvement

The candidate will have made outstanding contributions to SUNY Canton. The candidate will have made SUNY Canton a priority in his or her life through supporting the College’s mission, involvement with campus events and students, volunteering on behalf of the College, and/or financial contributions. The candidate will have earned the respect and trust of the SUNY Canton community.

Impeccable Character

Through his or her actions within a chosen career field, local community outreach, and SUNY Canton, the candidate will have demonstrated their promise to better humanity and the College. The candidate is an inspiration to others and brings honor to his or her profession and pride to SUNY Canton.

Scholastic Achievements

The candidate will have enjoyed a successful career at SUNY Canton, whether it was in an undergraduate role or as a member of the faculty or staff. Advanced degrees in his or her field of interest will demonstrate a commitment to continue learning in the face of new challenges and technologies and continue growing.

Community Involvement

The candidate should demonstrate a record of active involvement with their local community through volunteer efforts and/or possibly work with non-profit organizations. The candidate may have also worked to establish community involvement initiatives within their company or institution.

Note: In addition, faculty member nominees should make teaching, research and service a priority within their work. The faculty candidate should demonstrate an excellence in teaching and dedication to students and pursuit of knowledge. His or her continuing research contributes to and strengthens SUNY Canton’s mission.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form