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RooSuccess is replacing our current MTS and Engaged/Not Engaged process. This communication tool will facilitate a better understanding of what happens after an instructor raises a warning on a student and who is in the best position to assist that student. Think of RooSuccess as a more robust version of the student folder – we can find out key attributes on the student so that we can provide a more comprehensive support network.

  • Contact your professors and advisers through email by opening your Success Network of faculty and staff.
  • Make appointments online with members of your success network, like advisers and professors.
  • Find tutoring information to help you succeed in class.

RooSuccess for Students

RooSuccess provides you with a central location to connect to the people and services that are available to help you succeed. You will find contact information as well as links to student support resources and online appointment scheduling - all accessible right from your RooSuccess homepage.

Your Dashboard displays upcoming appointments and date-based tasks to help you plan your week. RooSuccess is integrated into all Blackboard courses and can also be accessed via UCanWeb.

Once you log into RooSuccess, you can update your profile with a picture. Be sure to review and update your email address and phone number to ensure your instructors and academic advisors can contact you.