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Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Minor is most appropriate for students in public safety disciplines wishing to enhance their credentials in this important and growing area of study. Students in health, engineering technologies, legal studies, or business may also benefit from this minor. The course of study provides a survey of the issues in Homeland Security through the lens of the history of terrorism with applied courses supporting theoretical study in the discipline. While the focus of study is the responsibility of law enforcement in Homeland Security, other disciplines will find the topics interesting and timely.


JUST 101
LEST 101
Introduction to Criminal Justice OR
The American Legal System
ENGL 301
JUST 303
Professional Writing OR
Investigative Interviewing
JUST 326 Threats & Responses to Homeland Security 3
JUST 355 Public Safety Critical Incident Response 3
JUST 375 Methods of Terrorism Through the Ages 3
LEST 375 Law of Immigration & Border Control 3


Paul Bowdre
Homeland Security Minor Coordinator
Payson 117E
34 Cornell Dr
Canton, NY 13617